The King of Fighters AllStar Welcomes Two New Boss Syndrome Fighters

Can I hear a Happy New Year?
Can I hear a Happy New Year? YouTube/The King of Fighters AllStars

The King of Fighters AllStar is starting the new year strong with the introduction of two new bosses. The two new Boss Syndrome Fighters will be available for players to collect and experience until January 19.

The first is [Boss Syndrome] Nameless. This Green element Fighter, when used as a leader, increases the Green element Fighter’s ATK. The second is [Boss Syndrome] Ash Crazed. When used as a leader, this Yellow element fighter can bump up the ATK of Boss Syndrome Fighters and lower HP.

During the period that the two Boss Syndrome Fighters are available, there are also some exclusive dungeons that players can take on. There are Time Attack Challenges as well that involve these new characters, excellent for those looking for extra challenges and rewards.

Other new pieces of content available are:

  • New Year’s Greeting Login Bonus
    • December 29 to January 15
    • By logging in, players can collect items such as:
      • AP
      • Element Soul Selection Box
      • Plus Capsule Selection Box
      • Awaken Level 1-5 EXP Capsule Random Box
      • Rare Enhancement Hammer
  • New Year's Roulette Event
    • December 29 to January 19
    • By spinning the wheel, players can get a 2022 Gold Lucky Pouch.
    • The new pouch offers:
      • Awaken EXP Random Box
      • Plus Capsule Random Box
      • Rare Enhancement Hammer
      • Imprint Ores
      • 2022 New Year Coins
    • Roulette Tickets can be obtained by logging in and then completing Rush Dungeons and Event-Exclusive Dungeons.
  • 2022 New Year's Rush Dungeon
    • By completing the Rush Dungeon, players can earn Rubies, and by equipping certain Fighters with correlating Battle Cards, Bonus Effects can be applied.
    • Exchange shop rewards include a [Baton Touch] Set Card, a Fighter/Battle Card Summon Silver Token, an Awaken EXP 1-5 Random Box, an Auto-Clear Ticket Random Box, and Gold.
    • Clearing Stage Missions for the first time rewards 5 rubies.
  • New Year's Team Battle Event
    • December 29 to January 12
    • Pick a side in this event about Female Fighter’s New Year wishes as players are placed randomly in “Team Rooting for Hotaru” and “Team Rooting for Nakoruru.”
    • Team Battle Event Points can be earned by playing through the seasonal New Year’s event content, with personal rewards, Team Victory/Loss rewards, and team rank rewards like Rubies and other items all up for grabs.
  • ​New Year's Battle Pass
    • The New Year’s Battle Pass is available from December 30 to January 19 for players to buy.

The King of Fighters AllStar is available on Android through Google Play and iOS through the App Store.

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