King of Fighters AllStar Meets Guilty Gear in New Collab

A new collab coming soon.
A new collab coming soon. Netmarble

The King of Fighter AllStar is teaming up with Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2. This collaboration starts on November 23 and runs until December 9. On the day that the collab begins, players can immediately get their hands on a Guilty Gear Collab Update Celebration Coupon.

Also, once the collab goes live, players can get fan-favorite fighters from Guilty Gear. The likes of Baiken (SS), I-No (FES), and May (FES), can be obtained by summoning them from the GG Xrd REV2 Collab Summon Vol.1. Meanwhile, Dizzy (SS), Ramlethal (FES), and May (FES) can be collected with the GG Xrd REV2 Collab Summon Vol.2. Finally, players can earn Sol Badguy (SS) by finishing the Lucky Chance Event.

There’s also going to be a limited-time dungeon known as Gear Project that players can explore. By clearing stages, players can earn rubies and Level Up Items.

Other contents that arrive in the game courtesy of the collab with Guilty Gear include:

  • Rush Dungeon
    • Players can fight as GG Xrd REV2 fighters and where Collab Fighters also appear as enemies.
    • Get Guilty Gear-themed Character Memories and Battle Cards.
  • Event Guild Raid
    • Play as Collab Fighters and take on Guilty Gear Fighters as the boss.
    • Be rewarded with Guild Raid Random Boxes upon completion.
  • Collab Celebration Login Event
    • Get different Guilty Gear Collab Fighter-themed items like Summon Tickets by simply logging in to the game for 14 days during the collab period.
    • May (FES) is given on the first day of check-in.
  • GG Xrd REV2 X KOFAS Carnival Event
    • Participate in the different events like Raid, Challenge, and Advent dungeons to earn Carnival Points which can be redeemed for prizes.
    • The prizing of the Points Exchange includes Event Summon Points, GG Xrd REV2 Collab Celebration Enhancement Hammers, and Guilty Gear SS Memory Selection Box.

More details are to be announced once the collaboration is live.

The King of Fighters AllStar offers fast-paced fighting action where players battle across waves of enemies, giant bosses, and rival fighter teams. The game features all classic fighters from King of Fighters ’94 to King of Fighters XIV. That is at least 130 fighters for everyone to collect. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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