The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match Now on PS4

Fighter ready!
Fighter ready! SNK

The King of Fighters 15 is coming out sometime this year. But PlayStation 4 players can get an early goodie - The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match - now available for download.

The Unlimited Match edition is a remake of The King of Fighters 2002 , considered by many as one of the best games of the franchise. KOF 2002 was initially released for the PS2 in 2009 and a year later released worldwide on Xbox Live Arcade.

Improved Online Features

One interesting feature of the PS4 version is the improved Rollback Netcode. This should lower any online lag, especially during matches, and give players a better online experience.

Some SoL Online Versus features are added to help improve the skill of players. For example, players can now rewatch their 10 most recent online matches to learn how they played well or where they made a mistake. Players can also look forward to the cooldown feature that should prevent one from rematching with another player they just finished having a fight with.

KOF 2002 UM now offers two different online modes for players to enjoy. The first is Rank Match where the results of the battle are shared with players ranked online. The second is Player Match that allows players to customize their versus battle settings.

Other Features

The Unlimited Match version includes the original cast of KOF 2002, “The Nests Chronicles” characters, and even some hidden characters. Players can enjoy a roster of 66 playable characters.

As a remake of KOF 2002, players can expect rearranged graphics and BGM. Everything has been remade from the cutscene and all the way to the winning screen, even the demo screen has been redone. The soundtrack received an overhaul as well to offer a fresh appeal.

KOF 2002 UM has a lot of new and old moves added. That’s right, while a lot of old moves make their return in this version, there are different and special moves exclusively made for this version. The game mechanics, along with the abilities of the characters, are all redesigned and upgraded.

Finally, there is the MAX Mode and MAX2. In MAX Mode players can cancel anytime their Desperation Moves. In MAX2 Mode, the ultimate moves of the fighters are easier to bust out.

You can get the game here.

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