The King Of Fighters 15 Official Trailer is Dropping in January

Samurai Shodown to Reveal details of Season Pass 3.
Learn more details next month.
Learn more details next month. SNK

Ever since the King of Fighters 15 reveal at EVO 2019, not much has happened. But recently, the official trailer gets a release date: January 7, 2021. That’s good news and fans just need to wait for a little over a month. On top of that, Samurai Shodown is also set to announce its Season Pass 3 characters on the same date.

Going back to King of Fighters, you can watch a short teaser as well as a bit of discussion from Producer Yasuyuki Oda and Creative Director Eisuke Ogura below:

In the teaser, Oda and Ogura both said that this game is likely the “most ambitious” of the series. They said they are “really proud” of what they’ve created. Three characters made an appearance in the video, which are:

  • Shun’ei
    • According to the team, when he first appeared in King of Fighters 14, they weren’t sure if he would be the protagonist or not. Though, in the new video, he’s definitely a protagonist.
    • That means the story KOF 15 follows KOF 14.
    • He has new extra moves and his design gets a revamp.
  • Kyo
    • He now wears a sleek black jacket.
    • He still wears his bandana yet some alternate costumes won’t have it.
  • Benimaru
    • He is flashy back in KOF 14. But in this new game, he’s going back to his sleeveless shirt.
    • His costume features more oriental flare than before.

In terms of team composition, Ogura revealed that the new game will compose differently, compared to KOF 14. While he didn’t say more, he confirmed that “more information will come out periodically next year so, in the meantime, fire up those dream rosters.”

Another change is the inclusion of the KOF letters in the title.

The King of Fighters franchise released its first game in 1994. It wasn’t an original game, in the sense that it featured characters from Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. The success of the first game allowed the franchise to grow over the years. That resulted in more than 20 new games. The latest title is KOF 14 released in 2016.

What do you think? Is KOF 15 going to meet expectations?

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