Kilton 'Breath Of The Wild' Fang And Bone Store Explained: Where It Is And How It Works

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Kilton’s Breath of the Wild store, Fang and Bone, is a mystery to many players. This is probably due to the fact that Kilton himself is a mysterious guy, with a creepy shop that traffics in monster parts and has its own alternative currency called “mon.” Kilton is only interested in buying monster parts, so he’s not as useful as an all-round vendor like village shopkeeps elsewhere in Breath of the Wild . But his unique items, and post-main quest challenges, make him a worthwhile character to visit. Here’s the rundown on Kilton’s Fang and Bone store: where to find it, what he sells and what he offers for late-game players.

Kilton’s Fang and Bone Guide: Where To Find Him

Kilton's Fang and Bone monster shop location. Photo: iDigitalTimes

This screenshot shows where to find Kilton’s Fang and Bone in Breath of the Wild . The easiest route I can recommend, especially early on, is to find the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab (yellow arrow on map) and work your way west to Skull Lake (red arrow). Once there, make sure you climb the tall spire coming out of the right eye of Skull Lake to the Zuna Kai Shrine. It gives a nice fast travel spot, but don’t get your hopes up. Once you find Kilton, he will be on the move.

After your first encounter, Kilton explains that Fang and Bone is a travelling shop. You can’t buy anything the first time you go there. Instead, you can find Kilton and Fang and Bone on the outskirts of villages late at night from 11 p.m. until 3 a.m. HT (Hyrule Time). Once he’s on the move, how do you find him?

The easiest way to spot Kilton’s Fang and Bone shop in Breath of the Wild is to scout from a high position. Some players are reporting on gamefaqs that he tends to be visible from the nearest shrine to each town. Rito Village in particular has an easy-to-spot Fang and Bone location because the village has a very high elevation. Kilton’s balloon is brightly colored and very big. The most foolproof solution is to take a picture for the compendium and then use the upgraded Sheikah Sensor+ whenever you’re in a town late at night. I’ve found the easiest spot to be Hateno Village. He is northwest of the village. If you fast travel to the nearby Myahm Agama Shrine, just head directly north and look for the hot air balloon on the edge of a small cliff. Hard to miss it.

Kilton’s Fang and Bone Guide: The Dark Link Armor And Other Items Of Interest

Kilton does offer one of the coolest-looking armor sets in Breath of the Wild : Dark Link. The set isn’t immediately available, only entering his inventory after you’ve completed the main storyline. His inventory is also subject to change. No official schedule seems to exist yet, but anecdotal evidence ranges from new locations to Blood Moon restocks. Our advice is to buy anything you think you want from Kilton as soon as you see it available, otherwise it might not be there later. And remember you need to sell monster parts for mon. Fortunately, their value in mon is the same as their value in rupees, so if you’re trying to prep for a Kilton purchase just check values at any vendor. Here’s a full list of items for sale at Fang and Bone:

Moster Extract

9 mon

Ingredient for recipes

Wooden Mop

19 mon

Weak spear weapon

Spring Loaded Hammer

199 mon

Weak hammer (but special attack on fourth swing shoots enemies into the air)

Bokoblin Mask

99 mon

Blend in with Bokoblins

Moblin Mask

199 mon

Blend in with Moblins

Lizalfos Mask

299 mon

Blend in with Lizalfos

Lynel Mask

999 mon

Blend in with Lynels

Monster Bridle

399 mon

Skin for your horse

Monster Saddle

299 mon

Skin for your horse

Dark Hood for Dark Link Set

1,999 mon

Night Speed Up Set Bonus

Dark Tunic for Dark Link Set


Night Speed Up Set Bonus

Dark Trousers for Dark Link Set


Night Speed Up Set Bonus

Kilton’s Fang and Bone Guide: Late Game Missions

After completing the main quest and defeating the final boss, Breath of the Wild isn’t over. Players can continue to explore the world and go on adventures, and completionists will want to make a special stop to Kilton’s Fang and Bone store. Here are the monster hunting medals and mission you can chase after you finish Breath of the Wild ’s main questline:

Medal of Honor: Talus

Total Talus kills: 40

Medal of Honor: Hinox

Total Hinox Kills: 40

Medal of Honor: Molduga

Total Molduga Kills: 4

That’s everything we know about Kilton, Breath of the Wild mystery vendor extraordinaire. Remember to check his Fang and Bone monster shop whenever you see it because his inventory can change. And if you need any other advice for Breath of the Wild , check our guides listed below:

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