Killing Floor 2: Deep Blue Z Update Now Live

Deep Blue Z Update Tripwire Interactive

Are you itching for new Killing Floor 2 content? The massive Deep Blue Z update for the first-person survival horror game is here and it has plenty to offer. Let's dive right in!

New Map

In the Deep Blue Z update, a new map called Subduction is introduced, where you will go deep in the Marianas Trench to uncover the secrets of a Horzine Deep Sea Underwater research base. This map is compatible with Survival, Versus, Endless, and Weekly game modes.

New Map: Subduction Tripwire Interactive

New Weekly Game Mode

If you like killing waves of enemies, the new Contamination Zone weekly game mode has got you covered. In Contamination Zone, you will defeat a total of seven waves of enemies. When the game starts, a designated safe area is marked on the map and you must go to this location and protect it from invading Zeds. Take note that you have to stay in the safe zone during each wave because you'll take damage if you're standing outside of that area. It's also worth pointing out that Zed spawns are modified, so expect each wave to be more difficult than the last.

New Weapons

New Weapon: HRG Bombardier Tripwire Interactive

Two new weapons have been added to Killing Floor 2 to help you deal with the Zeds, especially in the Contamination Zone. The first is the HRG Bombardier, a grenade-firing drone for the Demolitionist. This is the perfect weapon for beating massive Zed waves because it can cause Stumble, impeding the enemy's attack and movement.

The second weapon is called the S12 Shockgun. This tier four semi-auto shotgun for the support class has a special trait that allows you to unleash an EMP wave by pressing the Alt-Fire button. This is a paid DLC weapon, however, so you have to spend money to add it to your arsenal.

New Paid DLC Weapon: S12 "Shockgun" Tripwire Interactive

Patch Notes


  • New Steam Achievements
  • Subduction related achievements
  • Time-limited Objectives, Tickets, and Cosmetics
  • Seasonal objectives related to Subduction and the Weekly Mode
  • Complete all seasonal objectives to earn the Shark Jaw Head Accessory
  • Zedconomy
  • Stingray Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
  • Jaeger MKIV Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
  • Junkyard MKII Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
  • Predator Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
  • Horzine Diver Outfit Bundle
  • S12 Shockgun Weapon Bundle
  • Killing Floor 2 - Cosmetics Season Pass

Bug Fixes

  • Subduction
    • Worked to improve performance on the map in areas where the frame rate would dip.
    • Updated the blood splatter in all areas of the map to ensure proper coverage is occurring.
    • Updated the impact decals in all areas of the map to ensure the proper decal is being applied from bullet impacts.
    • Updated the impact sounds in all areas of the map to ensure the proper sound is playing from bullet impacts on the materials.
    • Updated the occlusion for water audio so that it can be heard from the appropriate distance and not through areas and objects it should not.
    • Added audio for all of the generators
  • General
    • Fixed multiple instances of log spam around lighting/PCV warnings as well as StaticLoadObject warnings.
    • Continued to address overall console stability issues

Killing Floor 2 Deep Blue Z update is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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