Kenny "The Cleaner" Omega Will Co-Host The 2019 Capcom Cup

Welcome The Cleaner to the games.
Welcome The Cleaner to the games. AEW

Things are about to get even more exciting for the 2019 Capcom Cup as none other than professional wrestler Kenny Omega has been announced to officially serve as co-host. The tournament will be held in Los Angeles and runs from December 13 until December 15.

For those not familiar with the tournament, the Capcom Cup is an annual fighting game tournament that centers on Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. In this tournament, players from around the world battle through a yearlong tournament circuit in order to claim one of the 32 qualification spots. At stake is a large share of the $250,000 prize pool.

Wrestling fans are sure to know who Kenny Omega is, as he is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling. Dubbed The Cleaner, Omega stars in AEW's weekly TNT show All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite, which airs every Wednesday. Omega is the reigning AAA World Heavyweight Champion and also serves as an EVP for AEW.

As the co-host, fans can expect to see Omega host some behind the scenes interviews with influencers as well as the top players. He is also set to provide live analysis. Additionally, he is going to act as master of ceremonies for the top 32 and Grand Finals.

Omega is no stranger to Street Fighter, as he is both an avid gamer and a long time fan of the Street Fighter franchise. He has often blurred the lines when it comes to professional wrestling and gaming. One of Omega's signature moves is even named the V-Trigger, which is based on the move in Street Fighter. For him, hosting this upcoming tournament is the next step in that process.

Omega shared in a press statement that "whether it be the World Series, Super Bowl, or Capcom Cup, there’s nothing more captivating than watching the greatest athletes in your sport of choice, do what they do best." He went on to say that no matter where he is around world, he makes it a point not to miss the Capcom Cup.

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