'Kendall and Kylie' Game Guide: How To Get 5,000 Followers, Find Jackson Hole, Perry’s Place, Vlog Finish Quests And More

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Check out our Kendall and Kyile guide to help you find Perry's Place, Jackson hole, complete quests, make vlogs stop losing followers and more. iTunes

Been playing the Kendall and Kylie game and can’t find Perry’s Place, Jackson Hole and West Hollywood? Or maybe you’ve found them but you can’t afford the apartment or you don’t know how to make a vlog? If you’ve had a few hang-ups in the game, we’ve pulled together a list of tips, tricks and cheats to guide you through the gameplay. If you’re losing followers or are trying to figure out how to get that elusive 5,000 follower number, we’ve got you covered. Most of the tips here apply mainly to people at level 5-10. For those who have just got started, you can check out our beginner’s guide to getting more energy, K-Gems and followers, here.  For anyone else between levels 5-10 the follow tips should help you continue to progress.

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Kendall and Kylie Game Quest Locations

kendall and kylie game tips tricks cheats hacks where is jackson hole perrys place make a vlog go on dates dating energy hack get more followers guide walkthrough android iphone
Jackson Hole is one of the trickiest locations to find in the Kendall and Kylie game. You have to go to the airport in LAX to reach it. Photo: iDigitalTimes

These are all the locations in the Kendall and Kylie game and what you can do at these locations. We may add additional information about some locations as we unlock further details.

Santa Monica

Travel Cost: $1

Places and Things To Do There:

  • Santa Monica Beach – go on dates, do “low key” events for Perry, meet new contacts

  • Greta Van Norman Salon – work your job, do some vlogs

  • Your First Apartment – meet Debbie Rose the landlord, buy a hamster and pet it for energy and experience.


Travel Cost: $5

Places and Things To Do There:

  • Malibu Amphitheater – go on dates, attend concerts, meet new contacts

  • New Apartment (costs $1250) – buying a better apartment is one of your quests along the way, so save up for it!

  • Jenner's Beach Home - go there for Breezy party and other socializing.


Travel Cost: $10

Places and Things To Do There:

  • Cantina – go on dates, meet people, attend events

  • Kylie's Place – for some party quests

  • Locked apartment  - not sure what this one does as I haven’t unlocked it.

Beverly Hills

Travel Cost: $20

  • Kendall's Place – for party quests

  • Perry’s Place a.k.a Abraisse Apartments  – making vlogs and other stuff

  • QSalon - Quentin de Lora’s salon where you do some promotion related quests


Travel Cost: $ 10

Places And Things To Do:

  • King Castle Offices no idea what it’s for yet.

  • Airport  - takes you to Jackson Hole ($30), NY ($250) or Paris ($500)

West Hollywood (WeHo)

Travel Cost: $ 50

Places And Things To Do:

  • The Beverly Club – go there for dates

  • Gregg Restaurant – go there for dates and to meet celebrity contacts

  • 2.0 Clothing Store  - attend promotional event quest

Other Kendall and Kylie Game Tips


How To Make A Vlog, Go On Dates And Complete Goals

kendall and kylie game tips tricks cheats hacks where is jackson hole perrys place make a vlog go on dates dating energy hack get more followers guide walkthrough android iphone
To start many event-related quests, you have to go to the location and speak to the body guard. Photo: iDigitalTimes

Ok, so if you are having trouble figuring out how to make a vlog, go on a date or finish a goal or quest, all of them are done basically the same way.  

  • Go to the location where the event is supposed to take place (for dates, you can choose one of the date locations listed above)

  • How to do a vlog or promotional event in Kendall and Kylie - there should be a bodyguard type guy there or someone else like Perry or another aquaintance that you talk to (by pressing the green star action icon near the person's face). The person will ask if you are ready to start the event. He also shows you how long you have to complete the quest. Just tell him you are ready and the quest begins. Tap on any of the action icons around that place and choose an action to do. These take energy, but give you stars, money and experience. You use those stars you earn to fill in a set of green stars for the quest in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. When all those green stars are filled in or your time runs out, the quest ends.

  • How to go on a date in Kendall and Kylie - you can either go to a location named or you can start dates on your own by going to a date location (listed above). Once there you’ll see an action icon with a heart and a plus sign on it. Tapping on it allows you to text romantic contacts for dates. Once you set up the date, then you just choose actions to complete to fill in the stars like the other quests.

  • How goals are completed in Kendall and Kylie - once you’ve done all the individual quests related to the goal, it is completed and you earn K-Stars, money and experience. You can always check the number of quests you have left to finish a goal by going to the goal list at the bottom right-hand corner of the game screen

  • What to do if you aren't getting any more missions or quests in Kendall and Kylie - I am not sure how people are running out of missions, unless they are plowing through them and not completing them with four or more stars. Some people though say they are not getting any more. I would suggest visiting various locations in the game and going to every place you can find at each location just to check for available quests that might not be showing up on your list. I went to Paris by accident at one point and found a quest at the Matisse restaurant that Perry hadn't given to me and wasn't on my quest list.

How To Stop Losing Followers

kendall and kylie game tips tricks cheats hacks where is jackson hole perrys place make a vlog go on dates dating energy hack get more followers guide walkthrough android iphone
If you get less than four stars on a quest in the Kendall and Kylie game, you'll lose followers, so take those quests seriously! Photo: iDigitalTimes

Ok, so doing well on quests like dates and events is important. You do well by getting 4 or 5 green stars filled in before the time on the event runs out. If you get three or less stars, you are at risk of losing followers so strive for as many stars as possible. The best way to do this is to go into quests with your energy level completely full and then checking in every half hour or so till the time runs out or you fill all five stars. You definitely don’t want to start a quest when you don’t have the time to finish it out well because it definitely affects the number of followers you have. For example, the other night I started an 8-hour quest at 10 pm thinking I would stay up late enough to finish it. I ended up falling asleep about two hours in and only had one star filled. When I woke up, that star had disappeared and my event was a total fail. I lost over 500 followers -- OUCH! Also, if dates go badly they won’t count towards your goal of getting three dates in the beginning.

How To Get More Than 5,000 Followers

If you’ve completed all the quests and you aren’t getting any more texts from Perry for events you might think you’re stuck, but there is a way to get to 5,000 followers. You go out on dates. Do well on those dates (get 5 full stars) and you’ll gain a ton of new followers. Eventually, you’ll have enough to get you to 5,000.

Got more tips and tricks you’ve learned for gaining more followers and reaching new levels in Kendall and Kylie? Share them with us in the comments below.

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