Kena Bridge of Spirits: Update 1.06 Unlocks Movement Key Remapping Support on PC

Kena Bridge of Spirits
Kena Bridge of Spirits Ember Lab

Kena: Bridge of Spirits developer Ember Lab has released Update 1.06 on all platforms. One of its main highlights is it unlocks the ability for you to remap your movement keys on PC.

Are you enjoying the game so far? Well, the developers have actually done a pretty job of creating something fun and unique. However, there are certainly some areas that need to be improved, one of which is the game’s parry system.

Apparently, the community has had a hard time parrying attacks since the game was released, and that is mostly because it is very hard to time it right. The good news is that this update makes parrying attacks much easier to perform now.

The developers have also implemented some fixes to save files. Lost Karma (the game’s experience system) when loading their previous saves is now corrected by Update 1.06.

Progression blockers in the Storehouse, Forge, and Ancient Well have been fixed as well. Those who had issues progressing through the story and trouble accessing these areas can now move forward. Furthermore, anyone who has experienced soft-locking issues in the Ancient Well should now feel safe as this has been resolved.

Lastly, PC players may have found themselves unable to launch the game back then. This is because of an error with the EOS SDK, but the developers have finally fixed it.

Complete Patch Notes

  • Added ability to remap movement keys (PC only)
  • Implemented fix for lost Karma. Save files missing Karma will be corrected after downloading the patch
  • Fixed progression blocker in Storehouse. This update also fixes previous saves
  • Fixed progression blocker when entering the Ancient Well. This update also fixes previous saves
  • Fixed previous saves with Forge progression blocker
  • Fixed issue with Cursed Chest being locked when dying at the same time as enemies are defeated. This update also fixes previous saves
  • Fixed EOS SDK error preventing some players from launching the game (PC only)
  • The Parry Counterattack is now easier to perform
  • Fixed soft-lock in the Ancient Well
  • Crash fixes
  • Minor audio, visual, and collision bugs

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Update 1.06 is now available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.

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