KeemStar Coming Back To DramaAlert: Says He Will Comment On 'These Slanderous Accusations'

Keemstar, the king of gnomes, is returning to DramaAlert Twitter

Keemstar, The king of internet drama himself, has just announced that he will be coming back to Dramaalert. After an incredibly long series of back and forth videos featuring Leafyishere, Pyrocynical and most recently GradeAUnderA , Keem released a Twitter video saying that he will release a statement about these “allegations” on Wednesday and will be back to his channel shortly after.

To be fair though, it’s impossible to know if Keemstar is actually going to stay true to his words. His Twitter is filled with random rants; either against other YouTubers or attempts to play the pity card. Just a few hours ago he tweeted:

And then a few hours after that, we got:

This whole internet drama shit storm has really blown out of proportion. The internet loves in fighting and these gigantic YouTubers are feeding into it. These channels all have millions of subscribers and dedicated fans and at this point I believe more people know about the racist things Keemstar said than watch daytime television. These internet celebrities are having their fans pick sides; are you with Dramaalert or are you with GradeAUnderA?  

Hating on Keemstar has become the new popular trend and these big YouTubers know that an attack will garner them millions of views. DramaAlert may be losing subscribers, but all this publicity is not bad for the channel. Free press is always good, even when it’s negative.

If GradeAUnderA, LeafyisHere and all the other YouTubers really wanted Keemstar to go away, they would just stop making videos about it. But that wouldn’t be as interesting for viewers, so the “Keemstar Exposed” videos are going to keep coming.


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