K.D. Inkwell Returns to Fallout 76 in Season 5 & Takes You to the Future

Look who's back!
Look who's back! Bethesda

The time-traveling historian K.D. Inkwell will return to Fallout 76 in Season 5. For those who can remember, the last time we saw her was in Season 3. This time, she brings an all-new adventure from the 42nd Century.

Inkwell has been thrust into a dystopian future resulting from a calibration malfunction. During this period, the world is inhabited by what appears to be Dolphin Human Hybrids. Known as the MIND Organization, their sole purpose is to get the last remnants of humanity and make them part of their soulless collective. The question is will she escape this world or become part of the organization?

Season 5 Rewards

Like the past seasons, there are 100 ranks to climb which come with a lot of rewards. Here are some of the items that players can expect from the upcoming season:

  • Legendary Cores
    • Be able to craft all-new Legendary gear from Power Armor to Weapons using Legendary Cores.
  • ​Power Armor Displays
    • Don’t forget to show off those Power Armor skins when people visit your C.A.M.P.
  • ​Power Armor Skins
    • Become part of the MIND Collective with the new Power Armor Paints.
  • ​Weapons Skins
    • Slash enemies with Alistair’s Sword or melt them with the Valorous Alistair Gatling Plasma skin.
  • ​C.A.M.P. Objects
    • Get the Washer and Dryer set to make cleaning your clothes more efficient.
  • Red Rocket Collectron
    • Make use of the Red Rocket Collectron as it helps you by searching the Wasteland for auto parts.

Now even if you do manage to reach rank 100, the fun doesn’t stop. There are new challenges available beyond Rank 100, which rewards:

  • Perk Card Packs
  • Legendary Crafting components
  • Consumables and other in-game items
  • Atoms

Community Calendar

Here’s what’s coming to the game in the next three months:

  • Community C.A.M.P. Creations: Circus
    • July 7
      • Steel Reign Update
      • Start of Season 5
    • July 8 to July 12
      • Purveyor Sale (Mystery Pick)
    • July 15 to July 19
      • Hunt for the Treasure
      • Hunter Weekend
    • July 22 to July 26
      • High Score Weekend
    • July 29 to August 2
      • Gold Rush Weekend
  • ​Community C.A.M.P. Creations: Mothman
    • August 5 to August 9
      • Scrip Surplus Weekend
      • Minerva’s Big Sale
    • August 12 to August 16
      • Purveyor Sale (25% off)
      • Double Score Weekend
    • August 17 to August 23
      • Meat Week Returns
      • Bonus Challenge Week
    • August 19 to August 21
      • Quakecon
    • August 19 to August 23
      • Double XP Weekend
    • August 26 to August 30
      • Purveyor Sale (Mystery Pick)
  • ​Fall Update
    • September 1 to September 7
      • Double Score Week
    • September 2 to September 7
      • Gold Rush Weekend
    • September 9 to September 13
      • Minerva’s Big Sale
    • September 16 to September 20
      • Hunt for the Treasure Hunter
    • September 23 to September 27
      • Double XP Weekend

Extra Events

While waiting for Season 5, you can enjoy the Double S.C.O.R.E. Weekend which started June 24 and lasts until June 28. Then there’s also the Bonus Challenge Week that begins June 29 and ends July 6.

So are you ready for Season 5?

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