‘Justice League’ Spoilers: Zack Snyder Teases Darkseid, Anti-Life Equation In Wake of ‘Batman V Superman’

Zack Snyder gives us a hint about Darkseid's mission. DC Comics

Even though fans are calling for Zack Snyder to resign his directing duties for Justice League Part 1 and Part 2 , the filmmaker is continuing to tease what’s to come and we’ll take anything we can get.

As you know, Darkseid will most likely be the main villain in Justice League. After all, the ruler of Apokolips’ appearance in the comics caused Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Cyborg to band together as the Justice League in the first place.

While speaking on the Empire Film Podcast , Snyder was asked where the villain of Justice League may be and what he might want.

“Maybe [Darkseid] exists out there in the universe. Maybe he's looking for something. Something that is against life?” Snyder responded.

His answer was particularly awkward, which makes it clear he’s trying to give us a good hint. Snyder could be referring to the anti-life equation when he says “something that is against life.” It’s no secret Darkseid wants to control the entire universe. To fulfill his goal, Darkseid is constantly in search of the anti-life equation, sometimes an actual math formula and other times an evil being, that erases free-will and allows him control over sentient life.

In the recently released deleted scene from Batman V Superman, Lex Luther was talking to a creature from what appeared to be planet Apokolips. The alien is holding mysterious boxes, which could be Mother boxes that allows the beholder to travel between dimensions. While the visitor wasn’t Darkseid himself, it's fairly likely it was a close associate.

In Batman V Superman, we see a huge imprint of Darkseid’s symbol in the ground, which makes it clear the villain could be teleporting to Earth very soon. Hopefully, we’ll get confirmation and a few more clues very soon. Justice League Part 1 hits theaters Nov. 17 2017.

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