Justice League Posters From China Finally Highlight Superman

How will Superman return in Justice League?
How will Superman return in Justice League? Warner Bros

If fans could have one question answered ahead of Justice Leauge, it’s got to be: “Where’s Superman?” In case you need a refresher, at the end of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Clark Kent dies in what fans believe to be a more figurative sense than a literal one. The dirt spread across the top of his coffin starts to rise up into the air as the credits roll, seemingly signifying the Man of Steel's return.

When and how the Superman comes back are the questions that need answers, and new Justice League posters released ahead the film’s Beijing premiere tease Superman’s return -- whether it’s alongside his heroic friends or against them. These posters are the first promotional material to feature Superman’s presence in Justice League (aside from just his symbol), and may be the most enticing set of posters to date. Take a look below. For posters without the lettering, follow this link (courtesy of reddit user aemon123). Twitter user Fukujang0627 also made some dope animated versions of the posters.

MERCHANDISE: New Chinese JL Posters!

There’s not any particularly convincing theories about how Superman would return. He may be evil at first, controlled by Darkseid, and lose all his memories… or he could simply return at the end with the help of the Justice League. He could also be hibernating, as we’ve seen in him do in the comics, and his body will awaken after he’s healed. With The Flash involved, there might even be an element of time travel? Or, maybe his death was the plan all along… so the Justice League could have an element of surprise against Darkseid’s forces.

Whatever the case, his return is imminent. “It’s hard to have a Justice League without Superman,” Zack Snyder told USA Today earlier this year. The director gave an even bigger hint about the ending of Batman V Superman to Collider.

"I’m gonna say this: the second you do the first part of it, the death and resurrection are the same thing in a weird way. You have to know. The reason I wanted to do it the way we did it is because I don’t want the audience completely off the hook with it. They still have to go like, ‘What the f**k? Are you kidding me?’ There’s a way to signal towards a more definitive resurrection concept, but I didn’t wanna do that because I want that to be real for them when they see it, I want the experience to be real and then the sort of need to be real later on.”

But just when you thought you had Superman’s return all figured out, the end of the San Diego Comic Con Justice League trailer throws a curveball into any theory.

Early in the trailer, around the 1:35 mark, we hear Steppenwolf say, “No lanterns. No Kryptonians.” And at the very end, Alfred says, “You said you’d come. Now, let’s hope you’re not too late.” Do you think it’s a Green Lantern or Superman?

Let us know in the comments and take a look at the posters again below. Justice League arrives in theaters Nov. 17.

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