New Justice League Movie Trailer Shows Steppenwolf And Teases The GLC

The SDCC 2017 poster for Justice League
The SDCC 2017 poster for Justice League Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Hall H panel on Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con gave fans a ton of new information and footage to digest including the latest trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie.

New footage featuring all of the Justice League was not the only thing present, we actually got to see Steppenwolf in action and a tiny tease at another DC Comics hero. There’s a lot of things to discuss about the Justice League movie trailer shown at SDCC but before we dive in, take a look at the latest trailer below.


This was expected. There’s a ton of new footage (over four minutes worth) of the League beating up people and parademons (more on that later) and doing all sorts of crazy ish.

Some highlights are Cyborg taking control of the Batwing, Batman fighting off parademons with his bare hands. The Flash whizzing through cities and, of course, we got to see Aquaman do some really gnarly things like stopping a tidal wave by slamming his trident on the floor.

Aquaman stops a tidal wave with his trident.
Aquaman stops a tidal wave with his trident. Warner Bros.

There’s a lot to love (Wonder Woman going one-on-one with Steppenwolf is awesome) and you’ll want to hit repeat over and over.


Steppenwolf is the villain of Justice League and this is the first time we actually get to see him in action. He first appears to the Amazons on Themyscira before there are cuts of him causing major damage to the Earth, throwing his axe at Aquaman underwater and the aforementioned fight with Wonder Woman.

We also see Steppenwolf surrounding by a ton of Parademons so you know the League is needed.

Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons.
Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons. Warner Bros.


This is a small line in the Justice League trailer but it could mean a lot of things in this DCEU. Steppenwolf states around the 1:35 mark that “there are no Lanterns.” This is clearly alluding to the Green Lantern Corps, the ring-slinging space cops who patrol the universe.

However, no Lanterns could mean that the Green Lanterns Corps is no more or, more likely, that a Green Lantern hasn’t been assigned to Earth’s sector yet. There was no news on the GL front at the Warner Bros. panel but after Justice League is released, there should be more information.

Justice League will hit theaters this November.

So what do you think of the new Justice League trailer? What do you hope to see in the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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