Journey To The Savage Planet Debuts First Gameplay Footage Ahead Of E3

It's like a less serious Outer Wilds.
Gameplay footage for Journey to the Savage Planet are now available to watch online.
Gameplay footage for Journey to the Savage Planet are now available to watch online. Typhoon Studios

As E3 fast approaches, more and more footage is coming out of the woodwork, some to update us on games that were long overdue. That certainly is true for Journey to the Savage Planet, which came out with its gameplay footage video for E3.

The gameplay footage introduces a few locations you’ll find in the game and also some of the things you need to know when fighting the aliens. The first environment is something quite similar to an ordinary forest where you can see screeching aliens that you might want to kill right away because they make too much noise. The second one, however, introduces you to icy platforms that have bird-like aliens that look almost cute.

Another environment featured is a much drier and rocky part of the planet. This is where you’ll encounter a huge alien with antennas that you have to shoot in order to kill it. After killing this alien, a barrier will open behind it. One thing that you’ll observe in the gameplay trailer is that some aliens can be killed by just shooting them continuously anywhere, while some have weak points that you’ll have to target in order to bring them down.

Another section is played in the falls, one of the areas that will definitely leave you in awe. There is also a snippet featuring what seems to be an area inside the falls where you extract some kind of ‘generic resource’ from a red crystal. In this scene, E.K.O, your AI partner that assists you through your mission, will be introduced. She’s somewhat like Tony Stark’s Jarvis, but with a less charming voice. If you can’t bear listening to her, you can always shut her up, as the developers have added an option just for that.

Another area is shown to be somewhat like a platforming section, introducing dangerous platforms with lava underneath. You will also encounter a rather peaceful area, filled with trees and quiet. The footage also lets you take a peek at the inside of your ship, which even has its own welcome mat.

505 Games and Typhoon Studios first announced Journey to the Savage Planet at The Game Awards 2018. Journey to the Savage Planet is a sci-fi, comedy, first-person, action adventure game. It is set on a vibrant planet full of different kinds of species. You will play the role of a Kindred Aerospace employee, and the company itself is quirkily dubbed the ‘Fourth Best Interstellar Exploration Company’. Players are sent to an unchartered planet for a project launched by your company with high expectations, little equipment, and no plans at all. Your mission is to explore, catalog alien flora and fauna, and find out if this planet can be inhabited by humans.

The game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Games Store in early 2020. As for a Nintendo Switch release, the developers reassured that they are currently in talks with Nintendo to hopefully launch Journey to the Savage Planet for this platform as well. What do you think about the game’s first gameplay trailer? Tell us about it.


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