Journey Confirmed To Release On PC This June 6

Journey confirmed to arrive in PC next week.
Journey confirmed to arrive in PC next week. Thatgamecompany

Back in 2012, Thatgamecompany released Journey as an exclusive game for the PlayStation 3. It was later updated for PS4 in 2015. 2018, came and the game’s PlayStation-exclusive status was removed, as a PC version was finally revealed for the Epic Games Store.

At that time, however, the studio did not specify the game’s release window. Now, the mystery has been unveiled, as the video game's availability points to June 6. The publisher of Journey’s PC port, Annapurna Interactive, made the official announcement.

Players can expect to undergo an adventure as a robed character traversing a great mountain located in a barren, desert world. Through a magical scarf, players can easily fly, but only for a brief period of time. However, the flying time can be extended as the scarf grows by using magical runes and bits of cloth that players can obtain along their adventure.

Players do not meet any hostile creatures in Journey, instead players are paired randomly with others to help complete each level. Direct communication is not part of the game (at least, for the time being). In essence, the upcoming title is an artsy indie title, but one that is really highly acclaimed. It is worth noting that it managed to bag multiple Game of the Year awards, as well as other prestigious prizes. Even more so, it sits on Metacritic with a 92 rating.

Clearly, Journey is a successful game on its own, but it will be interesting to see just how well the PC version can live up to expectations. As of press time, the developers at Thatgamecompany have yet to reveal system requirements and possible enhancements unique to the PC port. Annapurna, however, said that online play will be part of the game.

Journey is now available for pre-purchase on the Epic Games Store, and it is being sold for only $15. Interestingly, players can get it for only $5 thanks to the Mega Sale, which runs until June 13. Also, it is unclear whether the game will arrive on Steam, although the publisher is known for releasing titles on the platform.

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