Join The Force In Police Stories, A Top-Down Shooter Coming This September

Publisher HypeTrain Digital released a release date trailer as well.
Police Stories will be released across all platforms on September 19.
Police Stories will be released across all platforms on September 19. HypeTrain Digital

HypeTrain Digital and Mighty Morgan finally revealed the release date for their top-down shooting game, Police Stories.

We’ll be getting our hands on the game on September 19, which is just a few months away. It will be launched for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Police Stories will be sold for $14.99.

The story of the game revolves around two police operatives, John Rimes and Rick Jones, as they go on dangerous missions. Through them, players will experience invading gang hideouts, saving hostages, arresting criminals, and more.

The key features of Police Stories are listed below:

  • You can arrest suspects without hurting them through the Surrender System. Either fire a warning shot anywhere near them or engage in hand-to-hand combat. These are just some of the many ways you can make a suspect surrender.
  • If the situation calls for it, you can command your colleague, Rick Jones. Use him wisely in to your advantage, he can protect you and even save your life.
  • Each level will give you a unique experience because the criminals, hostages, and evidence are placed randomly. Restarting the level will automatically change the placement of everything in that level. This means you’ll be experiencing new scenarios and acquire new opportunities each time.
  • Being a law enforcement officer, you will be given access to police equipment like under-the-door cameras, door blast charges, and many more that you’ll find out in the game.
  • There are a variety of criminals that you’ll encounter as you play the game. You will run into small-time criminals, big-time gangs, and even dangerous terrorists. Each type of criminal will have different weapons, behaviors, and shooting skills.
  • You have to be careful and try not to be seen, value each bullet, always stay alert, and bring down the criminals as quietly as you can.
  • Your actions will be scored in real time. Even if you play aggressively, you won’t be able to claim enough numbers to move forward onto the next mission.
  • Play with friends online to get better scores.

September 19 is just a few months away so let’s wait patiently for Police Stories to come. For now, tell us what you think about the game.


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