John Wick Hex Launches This Week

John Wick Hex launches for PC and Mac on October 8!
John Wick Hex launches for PC and Mac on October 8! Bithell Games

John Wick Hex has been making waves since it was first announced last May, and fortunately for fans of the franchise, the wait is almost over! John Wick Hex is scheduled to launch this week on October 8.

John Wick Hex brings some pretty unique gameplay elements to the table, at least according to developer Bithell Games (known for titles such as Thomas Was Alone and Subsurface Circular).

John Wick Hex is fight-choreographed chess brought to life as an action-oriented timeline strategy game, capturing the series’ signature gun fu fun and style.

Source: John Wick Hex Official Description

The John Wick franchise has blown up quite a bit since the first movie came out in 2014. Now, the world has seen three John Wick movies (with a fourth one already in the works), and the franchise is branching out. Developed by Bithell Games and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment, John Wick Hex is an upcoming action strategy game set in the neo-noir universe of John Wick.

In the game, players take on the titular role of formerly-retired assassin John Wick. What's intersting about John Wick Hex is that although it's a licensed game - meaning it can't take too many liberties with the on-going story in the John Wick franchise - it holds its own with unique gameplay and a new story. Other characters in the John Wick franchise also make appearances, so the game does a good job of putting players in the shoes of one of the most feared assassins in its expansive criminal underbelly.

Fans had the opportunity to see what John Wick Hex was about at E3 2019, and we've heard some pretty good things about how the game incorporates John Wick's signature gun fu-style action with tactics and strategy gameplay elements.

John Wick Hex will be available for both PC and Mac at launch, and can be purchased exclusively on the Epic Games Store for $19.99.

What do you think about John Wick Hex so far? How do you feel about its current status as an Epic Games Store timed-exclusive? What features, story, and gameplay elements do you hope to see in the upcoming game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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