Jagged Alliance 3 New Trailer Debuts at THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022

The return of the classic tactical turn-based combat series.
A new trailer for Jagged Alliance 3 has been unveiled during the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 presentation.
A new trailer for Jagged Alliance 3 has been unveiled during the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 presentation. THQ Nordic

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Haemimont Games unveiled a brand-new Jagged Alliance 3 trailer during the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 presentation, showing more aspects of the game for the very first time. The game is due out on PC via Steam at a still unannounced date, and is the third major entry in the Jagged Alliance series of turn-based tactical games. Check out the latest trailer for Jagged Alliance 3 below.

Besides the crisper graphics, this latest trailer for Jagged Alliance 3 shows a number of similarities and marked departures from Jagged Alliance 2. Like in Jagged Alliance 2, it would appear that players can spend AP to increase accuracy, but it seems that the hit chance percentage will not be shown. The enemy general’s condition is also the only stat displayed, with the overall HP still hidden. You can also choose different unit stances such as stand, crouch, and prone, as well as aiming at various body parts.

Jagged Alliance 3 looks much more gruesome than its predecessors, with bullet penetration and decapitation being shown in a rather gory, over-the-top fashion. Weapons are very customizable in this game, with extensive stat modifiers and the need for repairs. There’s also quite the curious array of shooting options, like single, burst, auto, and distract; the last one hints at a mechanic to counter overwatch tactics, adding another layer of depth to the gameplay.

Jagged Alliance 3 takes place in the fictional nation of Grand Chien, a locale rich in natural resources and with deep political divides. When the elected president suddenly goes missing, the nation is thrown into chaos, exacerbated further by a paramilitary force called The Legion suddenly taking control of the countryside. Players need to command a group of skilled mercenaries to find the president in an interesting arrangement with the powerful Adonis Corporation. Like previous Jagged Alliance titles, these mercenaries feature their own personalities, quirks, and elaborate backstories. This rogue group will explore Grand Chien while meeting new people, earning money, growing the team further, and ultimately deciding the country’s fate.

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