J.Storm Grabs Dota 2 Victory From Team Serenity At WSOE6

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J.Storm Wins WSOE6
J.Storm Wins WSOE6 WSOE

Destiny was not on Team Serenity's side as J.Storm managed to snatch the win at the WSOE 6: Dota 2 - Serenity's Destiny. The win gives J.Storm $50,000 to take home.

The victory is made even sweeter for J.Storm, as they avenged their 0-2 loss against Team Serenity during World Showdown of Esports #1 back in October 2018. The team is composed of David "Moo" Hull, Jonathan "Bryle" De Guia, Lee "FoREv" Sang-don, Clinton "Fear" Loomis, and team captain Park "March" Tae-won.

To reach Team Serenity, J.Storm had to go through the Challenge Bracket, beginning with Team Juniper. J.Storm finished strong, beating Juniper 2-1 in a third game that J.Storm dominated. The second match saw the team go against ggngg. Like the previous match, J.Storm took the first game, fell in the second, and won the third.

The Grand Finals were against Infamous. In the first game, Infamous took the win in over 40 minutes on the performance of Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier's Necrophos. J.Storm would not be denied a rematch against Serenity, as the team won the second game in just under 30 minutes. While Infamous would take the initial lead, Bryle's Queen of Pain would take the spotlight and give J.Storm the win.

This allowed J.Storm to now face Team Serenity. The first game went to Serenity, with two members getting double digits in terms of kills. J.Storm could only get five each for Bryle and Moo. The second game would be a J.Storm win with Moo, Forev, and Bryle, each getting 10 kills.

The third game swung back to Serenity with Chu "shadow" Zeyu's Naga Siren getting 13 kills on one death. However, J.Storm dominated the fourth game on Moo's Sven and Bryle's Necrophos. J.Storm would only have a total of three team deaths.

It boiled down to the fifth and final game. To the delight of the fans, it truly was a championship fight. Within eight minutes, Serenity was able to take a Tier 1 Tower. However, J.Storm responded immediately by destroying one as well. Serenity initially took the lead in the game in terms of Net Worth, Experience, and even Gold Earned. Around the 70 minutes mark, Fear's Lina scored a double kill, forcing one of Serenity to take a buyback. Another Serenity player would go down and result in a "dieback." J.Storm would not let the opportunity go, and got the GG for the win.

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