It Takes Two Now on PC and Consoles

Ready for some unique gameplay?
Ready for some unique gameplay? EA

Those in search of a game that offers a pure co-op experience can now rest easy as It Takes Two is finally out. The game offers innovation to co-op gaming and is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The game is developed by Hazelight Studios and published by EA.

It Takes Two focuses on Cody and May, both have been turned into dolls resulting from a magic spell. As they find a way to escape this predicament, they meet several ridiculous challenges. Each level of the game has an unpredictable nature that’s sure to give players a unique gameplay experience. First, there’s no single-player option and must be by two players either online or through a local split-screen.

Second, while the game is indeed unique, it does use various game mechanics from different genres. The thing is, these mechanics are not at random but are connected to the story as well as the level’s theme. On one level, for example, May gets the ability to replicate herself while Cody can rewind time. That means players need to work well to make the most of their abilities.

In a press statement, Hazelight Studios Founder and Game Director Josef Fares said that It Takes Two is a real game-changer. Fares ensure that players will experience multiple emotions and so they are excited to hear what everyone has to say about this game.

Meanwhile, Steve Pointon of EA shared that Hazelight not only managed to innovate but had become true disruptors of approaches in game-making. He added that they are happy and honored to have supported Hazelight.

It Takes Two is available for $39.99 and you can learn more about it here. EA Play members are eligible for a 10% discount. There’s also the Friend’s Pass that allows players to invite a friend and play with them for free. For those not sure about the game, there’s the Friend’s Pass Free Trial available for download separately. Once the trial ends, only one player needs to buy the full game to continue playing.

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