Isonzo The Caporetto Update: Two New Features and New Map for the German Intervention

Isonzo Update v41078
Isonzo Update v41078 Steam

Isonzo received The Caporetto Update and it introduced two new features, Prestige and Leveling, and a new map. The developers have also released several fixes with this update.


The latest update features the first ever map in the German Intervention offensive, which comes with distinct look and fall colors. The Kingdom of Italy acts as defenders, pitted against the German forces.

Prestige and Leveling

Prestige and Leveling are the two new features introduced in this update. Class Prestiging allows players to reset a class’ level and unlocks in exchange for a new class icon. To prestige a class, a player must reach level 20 and complete all challenges. Also, the max player level is increased from 100 to 150 but requires more XP to reach.

Isonzo Update v41078

New and Improved
  • German faction.
  • New map: Caporetto.
  • German weapons, items and challenges.
  • German DLC uniforms.
  • Class prestige feature.
  • Player Levels increased to 150.
  • Bots use customization!
  • Rifle Grenade handling reworked.
Balancing Changes
  • Capzone capture speed increases with length of Overtime.
  • Balance improvements for problematic areas on Cengio and Gorizia.
  • Lethal damage range increase for Heavy and Superhavy Artillery shells.
  • Reduced non-lethal damage falloff for all types of Artillery shells making them more effective at suppression and dealing damage.
  • Grenade stats adjusted.
  • Increased fire rate for the Carcano and Vetterli M1870/87/15.
  • Increased stopping power of the Vetterli M1870/87/15 and Vetterli M1870/87.
  • Decreased fire rate for the Vetterli M1870/87/15 T.S.
  • Fixed Voice chat sometimes not working!
  • Fixed keybinds not being applied on the spawn map.
  • Fixed being able to hear other players even if Allow Voice Chat setting is turned Off.
  • Fixed footstep sounds not always being heard if the player is not visible.
  • Fixed missing sound on the lock squad button.
  • Fixed "Thus with a Kiss" achievement tracking for players even if they are not officers.
  • Fixed some achievements not being registered when completed.
  • Fixed tutorials not being automatically cycled.
  • Improvements to character movement while prone.
  • Fixed Ammo/Grenade crates not disappearing when a new blueprint is placed.
  • Fixed players sometimes being in the wrong stance while using an HMG.
  • Corrected weapon limit for Italian Carcano with Rifle Grenades.
  • Fixed wrong grenade counts for some classes.
  • Fixed issues with the dynamite planting animation.
  • Fiat Revelli closed bolt animation update.
  • Fixed Schonauer reload sounds being slightly out of sync.

You can read more about Isonzo: The Caporetto Update here.

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