Iron Harvest PC Demo Is Available For Download Until June 22

PS4 and Xbox One release versions will be coming at a later date.
A PC demo for the upcoming RTS Iron Harvest is now available on Steam.
A PC demo for the upcoming RTS Iron Harvest is now available on Steam. Deep Silver

Publisher Deep Silver and developer King Art Games have just announced a demo for their upcoming real-time strategy title Iron Harvest. The demo will be available from June 16 to June 22 as part of the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition.

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy resource management title that is set in an alternate reality. Dubbed “The World of 1920+”, Iron Harvest's world is an alternate timeline that takes place just after The Great War (for us, World War 1). While Europe was still recovering from the devastating battles of the Great War, a new threat emerges that will put the whole continent’s existence at risk. It is at the same time that “tradition clashes with scientific and technological process”, wherein farmers from all across Europe are uncovering giant, dieselpunk mechs used during the Great War, thus ushering the era of the titular Iron Harvest.

Gameplay wise, Iron Harvest plays out like any other classic real-time strategy title. Troop formation, utilizing the world’s terrain, and planned out resource management is essential to success. It’s important to note that having mechs does not mean that rushing enemy bases is always the best option. Sometime, a stealthy approach is the better choice. Base building is also an essential aspect of the game that needs to be learned. Knowing how to strategically lay out your base's fortifications will bring you one step closer to victory.

Iron Harvest also introduces 20 missions that are spread over three campaigns that can either be played solo or with a friend. Lastly, the game has three diverse factions, over 40 unit types, and nine unique heroes with special abilities that can turn the tides of any battle. Use these factions depending on your playstyle and start climbing the ranks with the game’s multiplayer ladder, ranked matches, and leagues. Dozens of challenge and skirmish maps are also available for play in either single-player or co-op mode.

Iron Harvest will launch on September 1 for PC via Steam. King Art Games and Deep Silver have also confirmed that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will follow at a later date.

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