‘Iron Fist’ Best Moments: Fight Scenes, 1948 Footage, Gao’s Powers & More

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A previous Iron Fist from 1948.
A previous Iron Fist from 1948. Netflix

Iron Fist didn’t have the fast-paced, precise martial arts Daredevil boasts, but there were still some great moments. Danny Rand’s Iron Fist is really cool -- when he uses it. Here’s some of our favorite moments from Danny, Colleen, Davos, Bakuto and Madame Gao.

1. IRON FIST FROM 1948 (episode 10)

The most heart-racing moment of the show was the old footage of the previous Iron Fist. Why couldn’t they have given us this guy’s story? When the most exciting moment is five seconds of black-and white-footage from 1948 on a flash drive in a desk drawer, there’s a problem.

2. DANNY BLOCKS BULLET (episode 13)

Danny doesn’t use his powers all that much because it drains his Chi, but his instincts took over in this scene, where he saves Colleen's life.

3. GAO’S POWERS (episode 6)

We saw this once in Daredevil and we see it again in Iron Fist . What is Gao hiding?

4. DANNY HEALS COLLEEN (episode 9)

Bakuto knows more about Danny’s powers than Danny does and teaches him how to use his Iron Fist to heal wounds.

5. DAVOS VS. DANNY (episode 12)

This is Finn Jones’ best solo choreographed scene, hands down.

6. DAVOS & DANNY VS. THE HAND (episode 10)

The introduction of Davos made the show ten times better, and this was one of their best moments together.

7. COLLEEN VS. BAKUTO (episode 12)

There’s nothing like a rageful brawl and this is that. Colleen vs. her sensei, Bakuto, even though Davos finishes the job for her in the end.

8. IRON FIST FLOOR PUNCH (episode 13)

Danny showcases the power of his fist once again in the final episode.

9. COLLEEN CAGE FIGHT (episode 3)

Any chance to see Colleen whoop the ass of a man three times her size, we’ll be there.

10. FIGHT WITH LEWIS TAN (episode 8)

Lewis Tan tried out for the role of Danny Rand, but Jones ultimately got the part. This scene shows the actor’s potential.

11. TRUCK FIGHT SCENE (episode 4)

Fighting in the cargo of a moving mack truck with a jail cell and a TV in it? At least this is new.

12. MADAME GAO’S ‘TEST’ FOR DANNY (episode 6)

Iron Fist battles two russian dudes, the bride with nine spiders and the Marvel mercenary Scythe in a challenge Gao proposed. If Danny won, The Hand would stay out of his business. Though ultimately, Danny saves The Chemist’s daughter instead of finishing the battle.

Iron Fist
The Struggle Is Not Real
If you’re looking for shock value, Iron Fist does not have it. Netflix and Marvel have turned an interesting superhero into a basic bro.
  • Colleen Wing is a delight
  • The last four episodes are significantly more entertaining
  • Problematic character development
  • Lackadaisical fight scenes
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