Iratus: Lord Of The Dead Now On PC Via Steam

Iratus: Lord Of The Dead Rises! now on Steam.
Iratus: Lord Of The Dead Rises! now on Steam. Daedalic Entertainment

The turn-based tactical roguelike RPG Iratus: Lord of the Dead has been released for Windows PC and is available through Steam Early Access. Unlike a traditional take on the fantasy genre wherein players are on the side of good, this time you play on the side of evil. Players take on the titular role of the newly resurrected necromancer, who is recently freed from his millennia-long imprisonment, on a quest for vengeance.

Iratus, the necromancer, aims to reach the surface world and bring death to the mortal realms. In order to do so, players are going to do what necromancers do—slay the living, gut their carcasses, and build an army of monstrous minions from the blood, bones, and souls of the fallen. Regain your evil powers so you can wield an array of occult powers to make your enemies tremble in fear and cause their defeat. There are four different skill trees for players to master, namely Alchemy, Magic, Ire, and Destruction, with almost 100 different minion skills to unlock as well. Unleash hordes of undead, with skeletons, zombies, banshees and many other unliving warriors, to reclaim what’s yours and expand your domain.

The roguelike RPG challenges your tactical skills with its permadeath feature, which affects not just your minions, but your enemies too. Players should also be more strategic in managing their resources, such as body parts and essences, as these are limited in supply. Noting the vast maps, players have to carefully decide on what they conjure and how they are going to achieve the end goal of exacting revenge on the necromancer’s enemies.

The key features of Iratus: Lord of the Dead include:

  • Be EVIL: Play as the villain and use dark necromantic powers to crush your heroic foes!
  • Craft an army from the body parts of dead enemies: Pick from 16 different types of undead minions like zombies, vampires, mummies, banshees and more with nearly 100 unique talents.
  • Advanced turn-based battle system: Learn your enemies’ weak points, exploit them with physical and magical abilities, and attack their minds to drive them insane.
  • Combat and choices with consequences: Classic rogue-like features including character permadeath.
  • Choose from four types of necromancer talents that change the way you play, including Alchemy, Magic, Ire and Destruction.
  • Intelligent enemy AI and multiple difficulty levels to challenge even experienced RPG strategists.
  • Improve and expand your underground lair to grow in power.
  • Detailed 2.5D art style with fully animated effects evoking classic dark fantasy atmosphere.
  • Standout voice acting from Stephan Weyte, who played Caleb in the hit Blood franchise.

Get instant access, start playing, and be involved with Iratus: Lord of the Dead as it develops. The RPG is going to be continuously updated and expanded throughout early access with new content, features, and improvements. Stay up to date by visiting Iratus: Lord of the Dead on Steam here.

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