iPhone 8 Rumors: Will Wireless Charging Function Remove Charge Port Too?

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iPhone 7 Rumors: Wireless Charging Feature Uncovered In Apple Patent USPTO/Apple

Apple expert KGI Securities analyst  Ming-Chi Kuo  wasn't very impressed with the iPhone 7, but it looks like the iPhone 8 will see a more significant design evolution compared to Apple's current mobile flagship. According to Nikkei Asian Review, an insider revealed Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn is reportedly working on a wireless charging module for the 2017 device.

However, Nikkei's source stopped short of confirming the wireless charging feature: "But whether the feature can eventually make it into Apple's updated devices will depend on whether Foxconn can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on," the source said.

The market's responses towards Apple's decision to remove the 3.5mm audio jack has been mixed and also spurred a number of memes that parodied other functions Apple may remove in the name of "courageous innovation." Will a wireless charging feature spell the end of the charge port too? Most likely not (it sounds silly, doesn't it? but so did removing the 3.5mm audio jack...), but we'll know for sure in the months again. 

Other purported iPhone 8 specs include an edge-to-edge OLED display and an all-glass body with a stainless steel frame. The edge-to-edge design will involve a lot of ingenuity, particularly in developing a home button and Touch ID fingerprint sensor that will respond underneath the screen.

Are you excited for the iPhone 8? Do you believe the next iPhone will be a "radical redesign?" Let us know in the comments below!

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