iPhone 7 Exploded: User Photo Shows Purported Evidence Of Damage

Reddit users Kroopthesnoop shared an image if his exploded iPhone 7. Screencap: Reddit

The latest smartphone catching fire is not a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but rather an iPhone 7, according to one reddit user who opened his newly shipped Apple device to find it had spontaneously combusted before it even arrived.

On Wednesday the user, Kroopthesnoop, shared an image of his new iPhone with the caption “running a little hot.” The image shows the iPhone 7 screen shattered and completely raised from its chassis. As can be expected, sarcastic comments in the r eddit comments section ensued.

So far, Apple hasn’t commented on the incident. Recent reports have indicated production issues have delayed many shipments of the iPhone 7, particularly the Jet Black model. However, the model in question is a matte black version.

Reddit users Kroopthesnoop shared an image if his exploded iPhone 7. Photo: Screencap: Reddit

So far there have been no other reports of exploding iPhone 7 models. This comes after Samsung’s three-week recall, which was set in place after 92 incidents of damage and injury due to exploding Galaxy Note 7 models.

The manufacturer was forced to remove the 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones it had already shipped off the market and offer owners updated models with new batteries. While Samsung reports most users have opted to replace their recalled Galaxy Note 7 models with new models, there are also claims of battery issues with the new handsets. Some supposedly overheat and cannot retain a charge event when plugged in.

Samsung has stated that the device overheating isn’t a detrimental issue.

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