iOS 10 Rumors: Dark Mode Hope Still Lives & Possibly A Cellular Data Toggle In Control Center

A smaller iPhone 5SE will be available March 31
A smaller iPhone 5SE will be available March 31 iDigitalTimes

Jailbreak developer Andrew Wiik has managed to find and enable a dark mode feature available for internal use only, according to a tweet he posted, as well as find resources that suggest Apple is considering implementing a toggle bottle for cellular data in the Control Center.

Of course, Apple could decide to wait on the dark mode feature for a device that runs on an OLED display, such as the current rumors floating around for the next iPhone generation. OLED displays are capable of producing colors in ways current LCD technology cannot, and have a much higher contrast ratio.

Fans had convinced themselves that Apple would be announcing dark mode as a tentpole feature of iOS 10 at WWDC 2016, but were sorely disappointed when it was left out during the announcements. Worse yet is that Apple used a dark mode theme for the year’s WWDC app, and are implementing dark mode into the tvOS update coming soon.

The possible cellular data toggle in the Control Center resources that Wiik found is a new class called “CCUICellularDataSetting” in the “ControlCenterUI” framework. The toggle button button doesn’t have an icon when it’s test run by configuring it to be used in an iOS simulator, but it does change to the same color as the existing green icon for the Cellular Data menu in Settings → Cellular.

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