IO Interactive Working on New Online Fantasy RPG Title

Can they do it?
Can they do it? IO Interactive

IO Interactive has long been associated with the Hitman franchise. A couple of years back, the studio revealed that it was working on a new James Bond game currently named Project 007. While no update has been announced on that project, IO dropped a bombshell with the reveal of an online fantasy RPG as its new IP.

In a statement, IO Interactive shared that for this new adventure they're taking, it's one that will expand the company’s creativity, capabilities, and some sense, identity. This new world and game will be built from the core and projected to entertain players as well as expand for the years to come.

Inspired by Tabletop Experience

For a lot of those in the studio, this new game is deeply personal and started long before they even began making games, which started with the fantasy genre. While not much is revealed about this upcoming IP, it seems based on "Fighting Fantasy" books where readers get to choose their path and go against wizards, lizards, and thief kings. It looks inspired as well by the "togetherness, camaraderie, agony, and delight" that are present around the tabletop.

Those familiar with fantasy RPGs know what that means. On one hand, it's about taking on the role of a game master, which is being part storyteller, part AI opponent, part guide, and part villain. On the other hand, there's everyone around the table who represent "creativity, imagination, building a world together, and a shared goal in creating a great game experience."

The studio also revealed that what inspired them was the notion that a diverse group of individuals having different strengths and skills can come together and be more than the sum of its parts. This also served as the inspiration for the fantasy world it is planning to build.

Taking on the challenge of developing a new video game looks to be a good move for IO Interactive considering that it now has different studios from Copenhagen and Malmö in the north to Barcelona in the south. All the studios have been taking part in making the different games and this upcoming one included.

What do you think? Excited about this one?

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