The International 2019 Battle Pass Officially Released, Includes New Features

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Battle Pass
Battle Pass Valve

Valve officially released the Battle Pass for the upcoming Dota 2 The International 2019. Players and fans have been eagerly waiting for this, with some expecting it to be released before the start of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major.

There are three levels to this year’s Battle Pass. The Standard Battle Pass can be purchased for $9.99. The Level 50 Battle Pass immediately jumps players to Level 50, and is priced at $29.35. Finally there is the Level 100 Battle Pass, which jumps players to Level 100 and will cost you $44.99.

Battle Pass Levels
Battle Pass Levels Valve

One feature that high ranked players might find interesting is the COACH’S CHALLENGE. Players can queue as a Coach and be placed in teams with lower ranking squads. The player is expected to coach the team and have their leadership skills tested. After each match, the coach is then rated and points will be given or deducted based on the performance.

PARTY FINDER is another feature include in this year’s Battle Pass. This feature gives players the ability to create a pool of teammates without the need to add them to the Steam Friends list. All that needs to be done is to add the teammates to their personal player pool. Before playing a new match, players simply need to toggle the Party Finder in order to invite them to the match. That said, people in the Steam Friends can be added to the pool as well.

One of the major complaints when it comes to playing MOBAs like Dota 2 is that when queuing solo, there is always a chance to be included in a team where members have varying playstyles. To ensure that chemistry is maintained, players are now given the chance to AVOID PLAYER where they are no longer matched with a specified player. Valve is hoping that this will improve the overall game experience.

Making the experience even better is the MVP VOTE. At the end of every game, all players are given the chance to vote for an MVP on the winning team. The chosen MVP is then featured on a post-game screen and even receives a mention on their friend feed. In addition, the MVP is recognized during the pre-game segment of the next match. Players that buy the Battle Pass and earn the right amount of MVP awards get the opportunity to unlock certain Achievements.

Offered as well with the Battle Pass is Planetfall, the new Arcana for Earthshaker. As if that’s not enough, those who manage to reach Level 255 gets the Tiny Prestige Item. Those who reach even the higher Level 425, gets the Bare Knuckle Axe Set. Here they get to see Axe attack bare-handed.

More details on the Battle Pass is available here.

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