Insurgency: Sandstorm Update 1.6.3 Patch Notes — Smoke And Enemy AI Issues Fixed

Insurgency Sandstorm gets its first major update.
Insurgency Sandstorm gets its first major update. New World Interactive

Insurgency: Sandstorm's developers recently released a small update that fixes some very important issues introduced in Update 1.6. The patch has resolved the smoke visibility issues along with smoke disappearing issues. Players who are in the smoke will have a new screen overlay which will improve the consistency of smoke. Sometimes if several particles are being rendered on the players' screen, then the smoke effect will end earlier than intended. This bug is now fixed.

Patch 1.6.3 also improved the spawning and navigation of enemy AI on the map Precinct, especially near the checkpoint security and checkpoint insurgents areas. You can download mods faster now, as the update improved the download speed for PhysX Code has also been improved as the previous code was creating collision issues for the Linux server.

Complete patch notes are mentioned below and on the official site.

Insurgency Sandstorm Update 1.6.3 Patch Notes

We've just released a patch for update 1.6 to address some high profile issues:

  • Smoke visibility issues
  • Smoke disappearing issues
  • Enemy AI spawning and navigating improperly on Precinct
  • Download speed issues with See the full changelist below:

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue with bot spawning and navigation on Precinct in Checkpoint Security and Checkpoint Insurgents
  • Fixed an issue where smoke particles could be removed from the screen prematurely if there were a large number of other particles being rendered

Gameplay Improvements

  • Created a screen overlay for players who are in a smoke system to better block their vision more consistently

Mod Tools

  • Improved in-game download speeds from
  • Implemented Epic’s suggested changes for PhysX code to address collision issues on Linux servers running custom maps

Insurgency Sandstorm is a tactical first-person shooter that puts emphasis on completing team-based objectives. It is a sequel to the original Insurgency, which was released back in 2014. You can purchase Sandstorm for only $30 on Steam.

So what do you think? Did you encounter any of these bugs before? Is there any other bug that you want fixed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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