Insurgency: Sandstorm Latest Patch Is All Fixes And No New Content

More fixes arrive in latest patch for Insurgency: Sandstorm.
More fixes arrive in latest patch for Insurgency: Sandstorm. New World Interactive

Insurgency: Sandstorm released a patch aimed at introducing different fixes, as well as making some improvements. That's all the patch does, as no new content was added. Not to worry though, as content-wise, a number of other updates are being planned and will be released for free when ready.

One change in terms of gameplay is that the Slide has been improved. One issue is known as "tolerance." Tolerance initiated a slide should a player press Crouch just after stopping sprinting. The goal was to make sure that the slide was performed especially for those who were not able to time it correctly. However, it has instead resulted in a number of accidental slides. This has been removed with the new update and players can now crouch more consistently when they want to right after sprinting.

For Fire Support, the Explosive Support now needs clear space above when requesting it. It has been discovered that some players have a tendency to call the drone while in the garage or even underground. This change stops this particular abuse.

Other gameplay improvements are:

  • Being suppressed by enemy gunfire no longer increases your weapon recoil.
  • Increased first person grenade draw and holster speed by 10%.
  • Made various weapon and weapon upgrade:
    • Increased VHS-2 and QBZ-03 recoil.
    • M1911 suppressor is now 2 supply points instead of 3 to make it more consistent with the other Secondary suppressors.
    • VHS-2 can now pick up QBZ-03 mags and vice versa.
    • QBZ-03 can now pick up M4/M16 style magazines.
    • Disabled Melee Attack for Heavy Machine Guns. This was seen as too gamey and unrealistic, as well as looking strange in terms of animation.
    • Added 1.5x PK-AS for G36K for Security in cooperative modes.
    • Competitive changes:
      • QBZ-3 supply cost changed to 7.
      • VHS-2 supply cost changed to 8.
      • 1.5x PK-AS supply cost changed to 2
      • Extended Magazines which give +5 rounds supply cost changed to 2.
      • Foregrip supply cost changed to 4.
      • Foregrip Bipod supply cost changed to 5.
      • Added 1.5x PK-AS for G36K.

Changes have been done to levels as well which include:

  • Ministry
    • Fixed not being able to destroy two windows at the back near Insurgent spawn.
    • Fixed scenario issue that was causing Hardcore Checkpoint Insurgents Supply Crates to not appear during gameplay.
    • Fixed light seam in lobby area.
    • Fixed an issue where player was restricted when crouching in lobby area on Checkpoint Insurgents.
    • Added extra entrances for bathrooms on each side of the building to improve level flow for Checkpoint scenarios.
    • Replaced broken mirrors in toilets with decals, added opacity variations of decals, and various other small visual tweaks.
  • Outskirts
    • Fixed Restricted Area not being applied to hill behind Insurgent spawn on Push Insurgents objective D.
  • Hideout
    • Revised Checkpoint Insurgents layout to improve gameplay balance for final objective.

A full list of the fixes and changes can be viewed here.

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