Instagram Update Makes Sharing Photos From Photo Library and 3rd Party Apps So Much Easier

New Instagram update makes it easier to share photos.
New Instagram update makes it easier to share photos. Pixabay/YasilG

Instagram may come with filters and photo editing features but many users opt for third party photography apps that provide different or more sophisticated editing options. To make life easier for this demographic, Instagram’s latest update will let users share images directly from other apps without the added step of having to select photographs from the camera roll.

This feature will be new for iOS users, as those with Android devices have been conveniently sharing photographs from any third party app for some time now. In order to utilize the new app extension, users will have to update their app to the latest version (8.2) on their device and have the iOS 8 update.

From the camera roll, users simply select the photo, click the “share” button, then click on the “more” option. By selecting on the Instagram app within the phone, users skip the step of selecting a picture and the editing options. Should a user want to use an Instagram filter, then they would need to fully open the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app.

The new Instagram update is just one of the new changes rolled out by the app, which has more than 400 million users around the world. Earlier this month, Instagram announced it will say goodbye to a chronological feed and debut its new algorithm-based feed that will, in theory, prioritize posts by learning a user’s preferences. Back in February, the app added a feature allowing users to navigate between two or more accounts without having to logout and login again.

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