Is Instagram 'Ugly List 2016' Real? Hack Scams Users Into Thinking They’ve Been Tagged, Then Takes Over Their Accounts

instagram ugly list 2016 hack scam people list what is the ugly list
Were you tagged on the Instagram Ugly List but don't know why? Find out what the list really is and what you should do if you were tagged. Getty Images

Heard about Instagram Ugly List and wonder what it is? Find out more about the scam that is hacking accounts all over Instagram plus what to do if you were tagged.


A new Instagram hacker’s scam called the 2016 Ugly List has been wreaking havoc on Instagram users and their friends.



 Beginning somewhere around the first of June, Instagram users began receiving notifications that they had been tagged on the Instagram Ugly List 2016 – an alleged list of the ugliest people on Instagram. But the worst part of being tagged on such a list is that many user discovered the person tagging them was actually a close friend.

So why all the hate, yo?

instagram ugly list 2016 scam hack what is the ugly list people list
If you were notified that a friends tagged you on the Instagram Ugly List, don't be mad. It's just a scam. Photo: iDigitalTimes

The truth is, no one’s friends actually tagged them on an Ugly List. The whole thing turns out just to be a scam aimed at hacking your account. Here’s how it happens:

instagram ugly list 2016 hack scam what is the instagram ugly people list
- Photo: iDigitalTimes
  1. You receive a notification that you’ve been added to the Instagram Ugly List 2016 – it could be a message from a total stranger or a close friend.
  2. You being curious about just why you were tagged on the list and what other people might be there too, of course, click on the link (bad move).
  3. Your account is then hacked by the person who designed the whole Instagram Ugly List scam.
  4. From there, the hacker begins tagging all your friends from your account on this alleged Ugly List.
  5. And the beat goes on….

So, is the Instagram Ugly List a real thing?

The answer is no. Just a scam to get people clicking and then hack their accounts to do more mischief.

What should I do if I get tagged on the Ugly List?

If you receive a notification that you are on the Ugly list you need to do one of two things:

  1. DON’T CLICK THE LINK!!! If you do, you’ll get hacked too.
  2. If you were tagged by a friend, contact them and let them know their account has been hacked and that they need to change their password.
  3. If you were tagged by someone you don’t know, report the account to Instagram.

What if my friends say they were tagged by me on the Instagram Ugly List?

Then this means you’ve been hacked and you need to change your Instagram password ASAP

If you or anyone you know was hurt by being tagged on the Instagram Ugly List, be sure to let them know it is totally fake and none of their friends intentionally tagged them. Also, consider sharing this post on your Instagram or other social media accounts so this hack can get shut down quickly.


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