Injustice 2 Mobile: Welcome Batwoman the Drowned in Update 5.3

Injustice 2 Mobile Update 5.3
Injustice 2 Mobile Update 5.3 Warner Bros. Games

A new character is available in DC’s fighting game Injustice 2 Mobile. Update 5.3 introduces Batwoman the Drowned - a Gold-tier character who specializes in debuffs and damage over time. She is part of the Metal series, along with Batman Who Laughs. This update also introduces the “Drowned Pass,” where you’ll get additional rewards such as gems, orbs, and credits by completing objectives every week in Season 3.

Batwoman the Drowned can use her “Dead Water Infection” which weakens her opponents and generates Crisis Energy as well. Moreover, she can activate her devastating Ultimate Hydrokinesis once her Crisis Energy is full.

Aside from the new content, this patch brings a bunch of improvements as well. The League Store, for example, now allows you to buy multiple XP capsules with a single tap. In addition, gears that you can purchase here are now grouped by character, so you can easily find the ones that you need.

For bug fixes, the issue where Hush can get a buff twice from the same stance if he is frozen has been resolved.

Patch Highlights

  • Use the new "All Donations" feature to view Raid funding from all members of your League
  • Collect multiple XP Capsules at once with the new League Store slider functionality
  • Silver Banshee: Fixed an incorrect bonus for Special 3 damage attack in the UI menu
  • Hush: Fixed a bug that allowed Hush's Special 2 to be Interrupted
  • The Batman Who Laughs: Fixed a Passive bug that allowed interrupted opponent’s Specials if they were performed by The Batman Who Laughs
  • Fixed a bug that caused Silver Banshee's Special 3 to be replaced by the blocking ability from Candle of Neron
  • Fixed a bug that allowed The Batman Who Laugh’s interruption to gain Crisis Energy if it interrupted the opponent's Special at the last moment
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Hush's Passive 1 to be stacked more than 4 times after Supermove
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hush's Passive 1 to not work properly after Supermove while Nemesis mark was active
  • Added Enhanced modifier at Boss Poison Ivy in 6 and 7 Heroic
  • Fixed Attack value of Red Hood Sub-Boss
  • FATIGUE modifier in Sub-Boss Aquaman’s battle now drains power from Special 2 only
  • Fixed attack value of Sub-Boss Batman
  • Boss Sub-Zero: Fixed a bug that allowed players to disable Sub-Boss’ specials
  • Fixed stats value of Sub-Boss Multiverse Black Lightning
  • Sub-Boss Batman: Corrected time value of Enhanced modifier
  • Added Modifier "Deadly" on Boss's Mr. Freeze modifiers

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official website.

Injustice 2 Mobile is available on Android and iOS.

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