Injustice 2 Mobile Bringing a Classic Superhero to the Roster

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Wonder Woman is celebrating her 80th anniversary this month. To honor this milestone, Injustice 2 Mobile is introducing the Classic Wonder Woman. She arrives as a new Gold fighter based on her iconic early comic book appearances.

The Classic Wonder Woman may have her original characteristics, but it has a modernized twist to show that she remains to have a place in this universe. She’s going to be the powerhouse of the Classic team as well as its main damage dealer. Classic Wonder Woman can give additional Critical Damage to all her teammates and extra Critical Chance to Classic teammates versus Blinded opponents. She also has strong support capabilities like increasing the chances of other Wonder Woman and Classic Super Heroes to roll Rare and Epic talents.

Fans have the chance to get early access to Classic Wonder Woman beginning October 19 exclusively through the Injustice Pass. This is a new feature launching in beta and allows players to earn in-game rewards like Gems, Orbs, and Credits by finishing tiers of objectives each week. Classic Wonder Woman is set to be released through a special Invasion event in November.

Anniversary Events

As part of the Wonder Woman Anniversary, players can enjoy these events:

  • Legendary Golden Armor Wonder Woman Versus Challenge (New)
    • Duration: October 21 to October 28
    • Details:
      • This event is available to players at account level 7.
      • Here, players need to use Wonder Woman heroes to take down the Legion of Doom.
      • They can earn Hero Shards for Legendary Golden Armor Wonder Woman and a chance at her gear.
      • New players get a free Silver Wonder Woman by finishing the tutorial.
      • All players receive a free Starter Pack which includes:
        • 3-star Silver Amazon Wonder Woman
        • 10 Sim Tickets
        • 25K Credits
  • The Warrior Queen Wonder Woman Challenge (Returning)
    • Duration: October 19 to October 26
    • Details:
      • Players need to fight and win against Wonder Woman.
      • Earn rewards that include the Warrior Queen Wonder Woman Hero Shards and a chance at her gear.
      • These challenge difficulties are available:
        • Normal
        • Heroic
        • Super Heroic
  • Mythic Wonder Woman Arena (Returning)
    • Duration: October 19 to October 26
    • Details:
      • This competitive multiplayer mode has players fight to reach the highest tier and earn rewards based on their leaderboard placement.
      • Players who place in the Legendary tier are awarded:
        • 360 Mythic Wonder Woman Hero Shards (which unlocks the character)
        • 600 Arena Metals
        • 1K Power Gems
        • 5K Credits
  • Player Gifts
    • Duration: October 21 to October 26
    • Details:
      • Players can redeem a free player gift every 24 hours for five days straight.
      • These include a chance to get free Hero Shards for the six different Wonder Woman variants in the game, including Classic Wonder Woman.

Injustice 2 Mobile is available on Android and iOS.

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