Injustice 2 February Update: Full Patch Notes Show Enchantress, Catwoman & Green Lantern Changes

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Grodd and Superman will duke it out in 'Injustice 2'
Grodd and Superman will duke it out in 'Injustice 2' NetherRealm

NetherRealm Studios revealed changes to Injustice 2 in the upcoming February update during Wednesday’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stream. However, complete patch notes were unavailable at the time, even though the latest update has been downloaded across Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

Finally, the full patch notes for Injustice 2 version 1.16 are now available on the official forums, which include general fixes and a slew of character-specific changes including, buffs and nerfs. It’s still too early to tell what the effect of these changes will have on the meta, but you can check out the reactions of the Injustice 2 community over on the subreddit.

Injustice 2 version 1.16’s changes were documented from what the NetherRealm Studios team divulged during the Twitch stream, which focused on nerfs to Catwoman as well as buffs to Green Lantern. The full patch notes reflect that.

Here are some of the more notable changes in Injustice 2 with version 1.16. Catwoman’s changes include:

  • Catwoman - Increased combo damage scaling on her normal attacks which allowed for follow up combos
  • Catwoman - Tom Cat (Light, Towards + Medium) has 5 less frames of block stun with less pushback and has 9 more miss recovery frames
  • Catwoman - Safe Cracker (Hard, Hard, Away + Medium) now has 16 startup frames (down from 19) and causes a splat knockdown on hit while having 14 more recovery frames on hit and 6 more recovery frames on block/miss
  • Catwoman - Kitty-Cornered (Hard, Hard, Hard) is now a high block and has 1 more frame of recovery
  • Catwoman - Tail Spin (Away + Hard) now has 26 startup frames (up from 23) and had its attack range slightly reduced

Green Lantern’s changes include:

  • Green Lantern - Reduced combo damage scaling on Lantern's Might, Bowled Over and their Meter Burned versions.
  • Green Lantern - Mechanized Assault (Supermove) now hits overhead and now receives a benefit from the Gear Augment Amplified Constructs
  • Green Lantern - Overcharged Lantern now has 5 more frames of block stun with increased pushback and has reduced combo damage scaling
  • Green Lantern - Overcharged Lantern Meter Burn now has 10 more frames of block stun with increased pushback and has reduced combo damage scaling

This is the first update that affects Enchantress, the second DLC character in Fighter Pack 3. Her changes include:

  • Enchantress - Pentacle Hex can now award First Hit Bonus
  • Enchantress - The gameplay message displaying the of the Curse applied by Pentacle Hex now lasts longer
  • Enchantress - Increased combo damage scaling after a fully charged unblock-able Evil Essence (Medium, Hard)
  • Enchantress - Fixed a bug preventing Pentacle Hex from doing damage during some frames of an opponent’s Block Escape, Air Escape, and Roll Escape
  • Enchantress - Xibalba Demon Attack and Demonic Sacrifice can no longer be avoided by Catwoman's Low Evade
  • Enchantress - Out of Body Experience (Supermove) will no longer sometimes auto-correct after the into cinematic
  • Enchantress - Eclipso's Grasp and Eclipso's Pull Gear Abilities now have a maximum range
  • Enchantress - Fixed issue with Divinity Spell Gear Ability not generating super meter while Spell of Protection is active
  • Enchantress - The Nothing Can Hurt Me Gear Augment will no longer sometimes stop working after using Demonic Guard

What changes are you most happy with and which are you upset about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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