Ingress Prime Update 2.22 Coming Soon From Niantic

Ingress Prime
Ingress Prime Niantic

Niantic announced that it is implementing update version 2.22 to Ingress Prime over the next few days. The update mainly makes changes to the user interface in addition to the usual bug fixes.

Changes include:

  • UI: Tweaks to the top Agents screen
  • UI: Fix the color of the media description and display name in the Inventory
  • UI: Made improvements to the way Portals and links are rendered
  • UI: Updated header for Inventory Key details screen to match Portal details screen
  • UI: Tweaks to the resonator health bar for consistency
  • UI: Changes to the global pulse and XM visibility
  • UX: Tweaks to help make the startup of Prime load faster
  • Bug: Various tweaks and fixes to the POI Nomination process
  • Bug: Fixed issue where Resonator slot did not correspond to the ground location
  • Bug: Mission details now returns to map if it was opened from the map
  • Bug: Missions list button adjusted so that it's clearly visible
  • Bug: Resolved an issue to properly revert the map back to the real game state when onboarding finishes or is canceled and addressed several onboarding bugs.
  • Bug: Fixed the Mission waypoint image being cleared at inappropriate times and various Mission related bugs.
  • Bug: Fixed mods not appearing after coming back from portal details
  • Bug: Fixed an issue related to Portal Key images being distorted
  • Bug: Fixed various bugs related to graphical effects
  • Bug: Fixed a clipping issue with text on media in the inventory carousel

Niantic revealed as well that the company is working on a number of issues such as linking and link visibility. Another group from the team is working on ways to improve the readability of the map, particularly during daytime. The usual overall app stability is also being worked on along with improvements to the in-app access to support.

Ingress Prime is a revamped version of the original Ingress game. The new version makes use of a completely new client while incorporating many of the lessons learned with Pokémon Go. Aside from having a more intricate graphic design, Ingress Prime now had a different back story than the original game. An anime based on the game is currently streaming on Netflix.

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