Ingress Agents And Pokémon GO Trainers Can Now Reserve Usernames For Harry Potter Game

Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite
Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite Niantic

Niantic Labs announced that with the upcoming launch of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, it is offering players of Ingress and Poké​mon GO a unique opportunity. Beginning Tuesday and up to April 30, Ingress Agents will be able to reserve their user name for the Harry Potter game. The same is true for Poké​mon GO Trainers.

Niantic says that this will not allow existing Agents and Trainers to select a new Code Name, but instead secure their existing username. For those who want to have a different username, they will need to wait until the game is officially launched in their respective region.

For those who want to reserve their usernames, the first thing is to go the Code Name Reservation. There they can choose between Ingress and Poké​mon GO.

If there are no issues with your username, you will get a notice saying that the Code Name reservation request for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been received. In order to claim the reserved Code Name, players must create an account in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite using the same login method used in reserving. The caveat is that the game has to be available in the region. Some fans are predicting that reserving the Code Name could increase chances of being selected for the beta. Niantic also reminds players that "Code Name reservations that are not claimed within the first 6 months of the initial launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will expire."

Set for a possible release this summer, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Niantic's latest foray in the augmented reality role-playing location-based game. It was first announced as far back as 2017.

In Wizards Unite, players need to help the wizarding world by going around and dealing with magical occurrences in order to prevent muggles from learning about magic. Players start the game as new recruits of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. Established by both the Ministry of Magic and the International Confederation of Wizards, the Task Force has the job of investigating and containing the event known as "The Calamity."

By the middle of March this year, Niantic revealed that it was accepting pre-registrations for the game. As if to entice fans even more, the studio said that those who pre-register may get a chance to be part of the game's early access.

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