Industry Idle: Patch 0.14.4 Introduces Image Support in Chat

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A new update for Industry Idle is now available. Patch 0.14.4 introduces image support in chat. You only need to input the specific link to the picture that you want to use in your message. Make sure that it is using either .jpeg, .jpg, or .png format. To prevent spam, only those who bought the game’s expansion pack can post an actual image. If you are playing the non-expansion version, the link that you’ve posted will remain as text.

Aside from that, some improvements have been added. You can now input a specific weight for each warehouse route, ranging from one to 100. Setting this will divide the transport capacity according to the weight.

Another notable improvement is the “Best Price” filter in player trade, so you can easily find items sold at the best prices.

This new update has also implemented an important change to Industry Idle. You can no longer load saves from previous or incompatible versions of the game. This is done to prevent your saved data from getting corrupted.


  • New leaderboard: Tabulation by Player Flag and Tabulation by Map
  • Now you can specify a weight (1 to 100) for each warehouse route - the transport capacity will be divided according to the weight
  • Add a Best Price price filter in player trade
  • Add Valuation Per Active Minute in Swiss Shop
  • Support smooth zoom on PC with mouse wheel
  • A new shortcut [9] for downgrading buildings
  • Add image support in chat: your message should solely contain the URL to the image (.jpeg, .jpg, or .png) from Only HTTPS is supported and to prevent spam, only expansion owners can post images (non-expansion owners' message will remain as text)
  • Resource valuation will include your pending player trades and crowdfunding - this will make the market cap more consistent
  • Balance: your total pledged value of crowdfunding cannot exceed your market cap
  • Balance: starting fuel amount has been reduced from 5M to 1M for first-time player and to 100K for subsequent prestige
  • Bugfix: To prevent corrupting save data, the game will not load save from incompatible versions
  • Bugfix: Fix a bug where a building's profit breakdown is inaccurate if its production cycle is not 1
  • Bugfix: Fix a bug where market news is not correct on specific maps with certain policies on
  • Add Polish translation (thanks to the help from the community)
  • Expansion 2 Playtest: Add manual source control for buildings
  • Expansion 2 Playtest: Add Random Island Map
  • Expansion 2 Playtest: Add Perth Map

Industry Idle Patch 0.14.4 is available on PC.

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