Industry Idle: Patch 0.14.0 Upgrades Resource Explorers, Adds Filter Button in Trade

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Industry Idle is a game that lets you build your own factory, manage its resources, and engage in market trading. It was developed by Fish Pond Studio and is currently in early access, which means that it is still in active development. This is considered an “idle” game because most of the things happen with just minimal user intervention.

Having said that, a new update was released not long ago. Patch 0.14.0 upgraded resource explorers so you can now produce all resources, even if they are not available on your current map. This does not unlock the relevant technologies but is still a huge improvement.

Additionally, you can now set which resources you want to be shown on the top bar of the UI. This is done by going to the Statistics Bureau and clicking resource details and then toggling the “Show in Top Bar” option.

Some balancing changes can be expected as well. For instance, the refund that you get from selling or downgrading your goods and services is now capped at 90%. You will lose 10% of the total amount, but this reflects the sort of thing you will sometimes face in the real world.

Furthermore, the free delivery policy has been removed in favor of a new fuel save option provided by warehouses. This applies to both inward and outward transport of goods and resources.

For the quality of life changes, a clear filter button is added to Player Trade which will help you set new parameters much easier. Besides that, the Trade Center can be opened by simply clicking anywhere on the right side of the top bar.

Patch Notes

  • New Swiss Boost: Explore All Resources - Resource explorers can produce all resources, including the ones that are not on the map (this DOES NOT unlock the relevant technologies)
  • Balance: Sell/Downgrade refund are capped at 90%
  • Balance: Research cost of Industrial Zone is reduced by 99%
  • Balance: Warehouses now provide inward and outward fuel save by default. Free Delivery policy is obsolete and removed
  • QoL: You can now customize which resources are shown in the top bar by clicking resource details in Statistics Bureau and toggle the Show In Top Bar option
  • QoL: Add a clear filter button in Player Trade
  • QoL: Resource dropdown in Warehouse is now sorted alphabetically
  • QoL: You can tap anywhere on the right side of top bar to open Trade Center
  • QoL: When you start in a new city, the game will try to set the correct fuel type by default
  • Fixed a bug where production multipliers are not applied correctly

There are 95 resources, 138 factories, 49 policies, 13 maps, and 52 achievements available in this version/

Industry Idle Patch 0.14.0 is now available on PC.

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