Indie 2D Platformer Game 'Adaeus: Rogue Planet' Hits Steam Greenlight

Adaeus: Rogue Planet.
Adaeus: Rogue Planet. (c) OMGWTF Games

A new indie game, Adaeus: Rogue Planet, has now entered Steam Greenlight. Check out the trailer for 2D roguelike platformer Adaeus: Rogue Planet below:

On the game’s Steam Greenlight page here, the story of Adaeus: Rogue Planet is described as follows:

“Cut off from the rest of galactic civilization, Adaeus is a bloodthirsty planet filled with dangerous fauna, environmental hazards, and limited natural resources. Darius Cayne, an accomplished militiaman, has been tasked with investigating a new power source that could save his dying colony; however, what he finds is beyond anything he could have ever imagined. Equipped with a high-tech power suit and blaster, Cayne must hack, slash, and shoot his way through Adaeus’ unrelenting environments to make it back home and save his colony.”

Gameplay involves modifying your hero’s suit using little machines called Nanites as well as Credits which you can find scattered around the levels. There are more than 50 different upgrades that do everything from increasing health and strength to raising the amount of ordnance you can carry at one go.

“Kill enemies, earn credits, and gain access to dozens of weapon and armor upgrades. Evolve your basic laser pistol into a powerful beam weapon by adding elemental effects (like fire or poison) to each shot, prevent your enemies from hiding by adding the ability to shoot through walls and obstacles -- or show who’s boss by charging up the revered Hyperbeam. Upgrade your simple Straight Blade into a potent Shock Beam Blade, or Ice Blade -- and hack your way through the entrenched wilderness. Increase durability by replacing your basic Combat Armor with improved Elemental or Displacer Armor designed to withstand Adaeus’ harsh environments. Even with these upgrades in tow, no planet deemed “rogue” should be taken lightly. You must be on high alert at all times ... everywhere,” states the press release.

The game also includes punishing enemies such as:

  • Spiked Dracaenikes that spring up out of the ground

  • Automated Drilling Androids armed with laser blasters

  • Rapid Fire Turrets that are nearly impossible to avoid

  • Other enemies include six legged, multi-eyed alien bears... and poisonous projectile spewing bees!

Each level is randomized, so no two playthroughs will ever be the same. There’s also a tough boss fight at the end of each level in case you didn’t get enough of a challenge.

You can check out the game’s Steam page here. Interested in this 2D indie platformer with a ton of nuts and bolts? Then don't forget to vote for Adaeus: Rogue Planet, and feel free to discuss Adaeus: Rogue Planet in our comments section below.

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