Indie Puzzle Adventure Game 'Candle' Features Hand-Painted Watercolor Art, Set For Nov. 11 Release Date

candle screenshot
Some of the beautiful art from puzzle adventure game "Candle." (c) Teku Studios, Daedalic Entertainment

Indie puzzle adventure game Candle now has a final release date: November 11. From publisher Daedalic Entertainment and Spanish developer Teku Studios, Candle will be available on PC via Steam and GOG with boxed editions in German-speaking markets, Spain and Italy. Check out the trailer for hand-painted watercolor adventure Candle below:

According to a press release, “Players take on the role of Teku, a young man bound to rescue his tribe’s shaman from the vile Wakcha Clan. But the way is spiked with traps and many trials. To master the way ahead, Teku has to pay close attention to his surroundings and make good use of his deductive skills – or his journey will come to an early end.

“But Teku has a special gift: His left hand is a candle. He can use it as a torch to fend off enemies or as a bright beacon to light dark places.”

All elements of Candle’s visuals, including characters, backgrounds and objects, “have been individually painted and scanned for the game” to provide a “living painting” type of effect.

You can also check out Candle’s puzzle-based gameplay and unique hand-illustrated looks below:

Features include:

  • Pay close attention to all details to solve the challenging puzzles

  • Players will be able to tap into the power of the flame

  • Remarkable visual style: hand-painted watercolor images will make the game a vivid painting

  • Beautiful soundtrack with South American flair

A making-of video for Candle explains how the Teku Studios team used traditional watercolor painting techniques to “create a game that was the concept art itself”:

Are you interested in playing Candle? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


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