Imperator: Rome Heirs of Alexander Content Pack Now Available

Join in the war for the spoils.
Join in the war for the spoils. Paradox Interactive

Imperator: Rome announced that its latest Heirs of Alexander content pack is now available for players to enjoy. The pack features new events and missions focused on the Wars of the Diadochi. Those familiar with history know that this was the period when the generals under Alexander the Great fought over his empire after his death.

The Heirs of Alexander content pack is available for $9.99 and can be purchased here.

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One exciting change that this pack brings is the new Mission Trees. It introduces several special mission objectives from different regions like the Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt, Macedonia and Thrace, Seleucid Empire in Asia, and Antigonid Empire in Anatolia. In addition to Unique Mission Trees, there are also the Shared Mission Tree. These are Diadochi-themed mission objectives that are offered to all the Successor Kingdoms.

The content pack offers the following as well:

  • Wonder Designer
    • There’s now a new tool that lets players have their very own customized monuments. These monuments, in turn, give bonuses either to where they’re located or to the whole empire.
  • New Events
    • Get to enjoy different historical events that are based on history.
  • New Deities
    • Additional gods and goddesses from the Hellenistic kingdoms.
  • New Treasures
    • Unique artifacts from the Hellenistic kingdoms.
  • New Music
    • Experience three new music tracks that can inspire your Successor Kingdom.

Marius Update

Arriving with the new content pack is a major update available for free. The 2.0 Marius Update introduces some important rework to the game’s military system. These are some of the things player can expect:

  • Levies
    • Players can now draft levies from their provinces to fight their wars.
    • The size, as well as composition, are based on the population types and cultures of the province.
  • Legions
    • Military technology can now be upgraded to develop a professional military force.
    • Their cost, however, is something that players need to watch out for.
  • Military Histories
    • Legions and Mercenary units now have histories that list their accomplishments over time.
  • Engineers
    • Special cohorts are available to assist not only with road building and river crossings but more importantly with sieges.
  • Changes to Inventions and Military Traditions
    • The invention system has been overhauled to allow players to unlock new abilities.
    • This should help players better shape their civilization.
  • Diadochi War Goals
    • Hellenistic kingdoms now have access to large-scale conquests.
  • UI Overhaul
    • Experience the completely reworked interface that makes player options and decisions more intuitive.

Read more about the new update here.

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