ICARUS: Wooden Fortifications Added in Week 52 Update

Week 52 Update
Week 52 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

Are you having trouble defending your base in ICARUS? If so, the Week 52 Update has something to help you address that.

This patch introduces wooden fortifications to ICARUS. Now, you can place things like walls, ramps, walkways, and even a gate to keep the enemy at bay. Furthermore, there are spikes that you can attach to the walls that inflict damage on any enemies upon contact.

The new wooden fortifications are sturdy, with roughly five times more HP than traditional walls and floors. They are weather-resistant as well, which means they do not require maintenance during storms. It’s more like a set-and-forget addition to your base.

Developer Rocketwerkz has added this new layer of protection to address the issue where most people would just rely on makeshift defense networks to protect their bases against threats.

Wooden Fortifications
Wooden Fortifications Steam

Two new open-world quests are also introduced. BUILD is a new quest where you’re tasked to construct a watchtower and place a beacon provided to you by the quest giver. Once placed, the beacon provides a small buff around the watchtower. You just have to wait until the beacon is destroyed to complete the mission.

The new DRONE quest assigns you to find and upload data from a crashed drone. Be ready once the drone is activated because it attracts nearby creatures while it’s transmitting data.


Open World Quests
  • We’ve addressed a couple of bugs and improved our original Open World Missions:
  • Open World quests now take into account the biomes they are in
  • Improved the spawning locations of animals
  • Increased the variety of animals in HUNT, CACHE and SCAN Missions
  • Fixed rewards that were scaling on “prospect difficulty” and not “mission difficulty”
New Mission
  • AUGMENTATION: Extermination
    • BIOME: Enclosed Wood
    • BACKGROUND: UDA has been performing research on enhancing tonics made out of Icarus resources
    • MISSION: Craft pills and enhancement tonics, eliminate wildlife to meet testing requirements
    • TERMS: Flat fee. All materials, safety and survival concerns are the responsibility of the Contractor
  • Add proper Meshable entries so icons can be taken
  • Fixed wrong DM's being referenced in BPs and water network logic due to copy pasta
  • Fixed Fortified Wood Gate from playing close animation on deployment due to play rate on “closed” animation being -1 when we already have a dedicated set of open/close anims for those tasks
  • Added extra sockets to fortification walls and walkways to allow greater flexibility in walkway ramp placement
  • Buffalo Mount: Movement speed 130 > 140
  • All Mounts: Added 30% physical damage resistance
  • All Mounts: Reduced Food and Water consumption by 50%
  • All Mounts: Increased stamina regeneration by 15%
  • Re-enabling AUGMENTATION mission
  • Add spike damage setup to wood fortification spikes, taking 1/4 durability damage and dealing 1/2 damage to players in comparison to the basic hedgehog trap
  • Expanded support for Spike Trap Base, now supporting multiple overlap boxes, streamlined effects setup, optimized effects settings

ICARUS Week 52 Update is available on PC.

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