Icarus: Week 51 Update Adds Tier 3 Repair Bench and New Items

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The Week 51 Update for Icarus is now available to download on Steam, and it features some great additions you may want to check out. The developers have added a Tier 3 Repair Bench, a Waterwheel, and several bug fixes.

Tier 3 Repair Bench

The latest update features a new Tier 3 Repair Bench that can repair all items worn by the player or placed on the bench, with one click regardless of where they were crafted. It can also repair Tier 4 and Orbital Workshop items when combined with a power connection. The bench can be unlocked in Tier 3 of the tech tree and costs 20 aluminum, 20 leather, 50 wood, and 10 stone to craft.

New Items

The Waterwheel is a new power generator that can provide 2,000 power but requires some degree of active maintenance. Once placed on any body of water, it starts to generate power, but here’s the downside: the Waterwheel collects junk every three and half minutes. After collecting 50 items, which can take a little under three hours, the waterwheel will halt and stop generating power until cleaned.

Another new object is the Marbled Kitchen Bench, pairable with the Marbled Kitchen Storage, and it can craft most items that previous cooking benches couldn’t provide. It also boasts a crafting speed bonus of 50%.

Icarus: Week 51 Update

New Content
  • Add data setup for new revised Electric Furnace asset. Existing spawned/crafted Electric Furnaces will remain the same for nostalgia reasons. Newly crafted Electric Furnaces will use the new mesh.
  • Tweaked view distance settings for proxy meshes on new revised deployables.
  • Electric Dehumidifier - separated fans for animation.
  • Removed fuel slot from electric stove, as this does not do anything.
  • Update icons for enhancement tonic modifiers to use new icons.
  • Fix a bug with the enzyme dynamic mission reward where it would show 2-3 enzymes as a reward but only give one (now correctly shows it will give 1).
  • Added pre-compiled Sentry binaries to version control.
  • Increased the amount of storage granted by storage improvements (now 3 pieces of storage instead of 1).
  • Fixed Advanced Modifications: Melee reward.
  • Fixed typo in Dietary Requirements.
  • Added T3 light options to light rewards.
  • Reduced chances for and increased reward amount of cooked T1 items.
  • Increased reward amount for uncooked veggies.
  • Added additional reward options.

You can read more about it here.

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