ICARUS: Players Can Now Invite More Than Eight People in a Session in Week 54 Update

Week 54 Update
Week 54 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

As a follow-up to the previously released Decentralization Update, developer Rocketwerkz brought some interesting changes in the Week 54 Update for ICARUS.

Players who have been clamoring for a way to invite more people to their sessions will be happy to know that the previous eight-player limit is now removed. This only applies to games played on dedicated servers, though. The company said that this was possible because of the decentralization of data, which was carried out in last week’s patch.

In addition, the Composite Dropship Recall Beacon is a brand-new grenade that, when thrown, summons a dropship to that area. This is great for extractions, though players can call the dropship early and leave it there for later. This can be crafted at the Tier 4 Crafting Bench and requires some composites, electronics, steel screws, iron ingots, and gunpowder to make.

As data decentralization in ICARUS has only recently begun, there will inevitably be some bugs that need fixing. In the Week 54 Update, the item duplication bug that happens while the player is in the station has been addressed. Furthermore, weird weather issues are less likely to occur now, especially when rejoining open-world sessions.

Week 54 Update
Week 54 Update Steam
  • Adding beeping sound for tech device thrown
  • Adding dead player small beep sound for location awareness
  • Dropship landing locations are now generated dynamically using EQS
  • Workshop items now display who their owning character is on their tooltip. Names in red indicate that the character has left the drop
  • Added four verified server providers to the dedicated servers screen. Clicking the server providers logo opens their website
  • Removed duplicate textures and repathed. Fixed filenames
  • Delete duplicate texture and repath
  • Optimized some caves by removing lights where there was no hole in the roof for it
  • Fixed stone master not having niagara support enabled after assets were added to scorpion effects
  • Update many mission steps using a previous search area setup to use the same search area setup for consistency, including clearing search areas when objectives are complete in some missions. This will resolve visibility issues on some missions
  • Exotics can no longer be placed in the Dropship (Workshop items can still be)
  • HEADSTONE: Fixed Survey Radars being able to block the final mission objective, these are now returned to your inventory if placed in the objective location
  • Filter user reports with no description from sentry
  • Ensure dedicated server prospects created on the command line save without requiring a player to join
  • Ensure lobby privacy type is set to friends only for dedicated server prospects

ICARUS Week 54 Update is available on PC.

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