ICARUS: User Data Now Stored Locally in Week 53 Update

Week 53 Update
Week 53 Update Steam

Developers of the survival game ICARUS have made a significant change in the recently released Week 53 Update. Now, all game files and player data are stored locally on the player's PC.

Back then, game saves and player data were stored in the cloud. While there are advantages to this method, there are limitations as well, such as internet outages and limited customization, among others.

With this move, the ICARUS dev team gives the power back to the players so they can enjoy the survival game.

Now, there are some important things to keep in mind. Migration combines both the players’ offline and online characters into one, which includes things like loadouts, exotics, skill refund tokens, and mission progress. Moreover, all active missions are reset and players may have to restart these prospects once the migration process is complete.

And lastly, Steam Cloud is enabled, so players can download their ICARUS data to different PCs by logging into their Steam accounts.


  • The new Orbital Exchange Interface is a planetary-crafted deployable that when activated, allows you to call a drop ship down to extract your exotics up to the space station. This means you no longer need to take them up in your dropship with you on completion of your prospect.
  • Mission rewards are now granted immediately on completion of the mission, rather than sent to your inbox in orbit.
  • Characters are no longer “locked” to one Mission or session and can be used on multiple active sessions simultaneously. You can select any character from the character select screen for any session at any time.
  • Insurance now only insures your items, as characters can’t be lost on prospects. If you do not bring your items up with you in a dropship, they stay on planet until returned. If you have insurance, you can reclaim your items after 5 real-time days from the menu.
  • Workshop items are no longer ‘auto-repaired’ when you return them to space. You will now have the option to repair them for 10 ren in the inventory, or on the surface using the new Tier 3 repair bench.
  • Added server settings for preventing non-admin players from either launching or deleting prospects
  • Cleaned up matchmaking subsystem code, adding comments and extra steps to make sure session finding gets cleaned up correctly
  • Moved test matchmaking server browser code into its own file
  • Removed duplicate spawn of quest manager
  • Adding the ability to repair workshop items in space for 10 Ren
  • Orbital Exchange Interface now has an associated Blueprint and Updated Recipe
  • Tidying up the Load Prospect Screen UI to show more feedback on remaining time, rewards, and small layout fixes

So, what can you say about the recent change in ICARUS?

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