Icarus: Week 48 Update Adds Throwing Spear, Knife, and Two New Crossbows

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The Week 48 Update for Icarus is finally available to download on Steam, and this time, developers added new variants of knife and spear to the weapon pool. That’s not all because they also added two new crossbows and fixed several issues in the game.

Throwable Weapons

In this update, players can now craft thrown versions of knives and spears, which can’t be used in melee situations. The throwable weapons have limits: 50 for knives and 20 for spears. This change was implemented because players often threw their weapons by mistake, which gets really annoying.

New Crossbows

Two new crossbows made their way into the game at Tier 3 and 4, which should present players with different options especially at higher tiers. The Tier 3 is a Platinum Crossbow craftable at the Machining Bench requiring Platinum, standard Epoxy, Leather, and Wood. While the Tier 4 is a Titanium Crossbow craftable at the Fabricator requiring Titanium and standard components.

Icarus: Week 48 Update

New Content
  • Removed ability to throw basic knives and spears.
  • Allowed throwing knives and spears to stack.
  • Slightly increased bone and titanium throwing knife damage.
  • Unlocked Throwing Knives recipes for upcoming patch.
  • Unlocked recipes for thrown knives and spears.
  • Added break chance to thrown spears.
  • Reduced stamina cost on thrown knives and spears significantly.
  • Allowed thrown knives to be thrown at lower charge, going less distance.
  • Implemented base Platinum and Titanium Crossbows.
  • Fixing issue when throwing Knives & Spears that the item thrown would not be 1 but be the entire stack, example, throw one knife, the thrown knife has a stack count of 20.
  • Changing Resolution Scaling max value from 100 to 200 as a test to see if its supported.
  • Add custom view distance settings for various world objects: EnzymeGeyser, Meta Deposits, Ore Deposits, Dropships.
  • Added support for non-GOAP characters in GOAP debugger cheat.
  • Fixed level not retrieving from correct source.
  • Readding Translations lost in all languages in a commit last week where crowdin was trampled.
  • Adding new Crowdin Recipe which force pushes all translations to crowdin.
  • ABYSS: Fixed bug where biomes aren't tracked correctly for research station deployment quest step.
  • Add advanced mode to GetActorCount widget to pull any class type.
  • Fixed typo in Healing Boost Module description.
  • Resolved data table errors with the chamois variant.
  • Fixed typo in Neat and Tidy talent Fertilized Alteration.
  • Changing the min/max values of Resolution Scaling setting to match the min/max supported by the engine, which is 33 to 100 percent.
  • Optimized Loading screen images, changed format to pow2, removed unused DT.

You can read more about the update here.

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