ICARUS: New Larkwell Bow and Arrows Introduced in Week 26 Update

Week 26 Update
Week 26 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

A new weapon is now available in ICARUS. The Larkwell Bow is a high-performance compound bow that has many arrow varieties which players can use depending on the situation.

Those who prefer using bows in ICARUS will love this new weapon introduced in the Week 26 Update. That’s because the Larkwell Bow provides players with several arrow options to help them in their battles.

First is the Ballistic Arrow. Although this arrow is small, it packs a punch due to its explosive charge that detonates on impact. The second is the Tazer Arrow and it’s best used when there’s a need to slow the enemy’s movement down.

The third is the Bleed Arrow. It comes with serrated edges to deal damage over time after the initial hit lands. Last but not least is the Standard Arrow. Although not as flashy as the other three, it flies fast and hits hard.

Aside from the things mentioned, the developers buffed all existing workshop bows in ICARUS with an additional 75% projectile damage. The Week 26 Update will make bow users happy.

Patch Notes

  • Added BALLISTIC: EXTERMINATION - Dispatch any hostile wildlife in the region to guarantee the safety of the operator's team
  • Added RENDEVOUS: DELIVERY - Retrieve the required sample and ensure its safe return to orbit. Note that the sample will be highly sensitive to temperature
  • Watermelon now gives twice as much water. Reduced oxygen consumption buff to reduced water consumption instead. Fixed description text and name
  • Pass on the Crocodile and Komodo Physics assets to bring them closer to our other animal ragdolls
  • Halved attack range of polar bear cubs (3 meters)
  • Increase base weapon damage multiplier on Shengong Bows from 1.0 to 1.75x and Larkwell bow from 1.0x to 2.25x to better compare against their base Recurve and Compound Bow equivalents
  • RICOCHET Expedition: Fixed the Difficulty scaling pointing to the wrong difficulty setup in the Prospect system, the second stage of worms now correctly scales with selected difficulty and connected players
  • Fixed Concrete Furnace crafting time being too quick
  • Fixed issue where any projectiles attached to cave worms on death were disappearing. They are now placed inside a loot bag. Any projectiles attached to cave worm on death are now removed and placed inside the loot bag
  • Fixed issue where trying to customize the cosmetics of an offline character would leave the character headless. Fixed issue where any changes made to an offline character's cosmetics after creation wouldn't be saved

ICARUS Week 26 Update is available on PC.

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